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Make sure you're equipped for winter!

Streuer Service

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about the condition of your winter maintenance vehicles and ensuring they are ready for the coming season. At Aebi Schmidt, we offer a well thought-through OE Parts Management Service with high availability and a short delivery time to ensure they remain in tip-top condition.

Each OE part is tested before delivery and each one guarantees safety, security and longevity. When using Aebi Schmidt OE parts, rapid turnaround is guaranteed, while our online shop offers you the opportunity to order OE parts at any time, 365 days a year.

We recommend


Spreading pattern adjustment

At.Nr. 18-3450223 inear adjustment motor

Art.Nr. 18-9700730Spreading pattern adjust motor

Art.Nr. 18-9703022Linear adjusting motor (LA30) 6P 4000mm

Art.Nr. 1264491-7Linear adjusting motor (LA30) 6P 4600mm


Art.Nr. 1087993-5Securing chains Grade-8 3000kg 1 set(4x)

Art.Nr. 18-9600980Securing belts (4x)

Art.Nr. 1069242-2Securing belts KR+MR-export 1200kg (4x)

Art.Nr. 1069243-1Securing belts MR-NL+GR 2000kg (4x)

Lights Art.Nr. 1185607-5OUT3-working lamp 24V Halogen white

Art.Nr. 1109054-3Worklight Nordic white


Art.Nr. 1257482-2Spreading control (SICK) S2

Art.Nr. 1255091-9Photocel M18  5m. cable

Art.Nr. 1259033-2IN5 Spreading control (SICK) S3   5m.

Art.Nr. 18-3440716Float-operated switch

Gas spring

Art.Nr. 1184997-6Gas spring chute

Art.Nr. 18-9420703Gas spring RoRo

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