Our family of product brands is growing

After having already reported on the acquisition of Arctic Machine Oy and Équipements Lourds Papineau Inc., the time has now come to make the affiliation to the group visually recognisable with regard to brand appearance.

The two new brand logos join the group's brand design. We will integrate the new brand design step by step over the coming months. The legal structure of Arctic Machine Oy as well as of Équipements Lourds Papineau Inc. will remain unchanged, as will the management and the employees. Information and imagery for Arctic and ELP products and solutions will be available on their existing websites as well as, over time, on our Group's website.

We will uncompromisingly continue to work closely with our business partners and customers to enable best possible solutions for specific situations, needs and requirements. Hence our focus will remain on the solution and not primarily on the product offer. Now, including products and solutions from Arctic and ELP, we’re convinced to fulfil our promise and mission to improve the performance of our customers even better.

About Arctic

Arctic is a leading finish brand of vehicles and equipment for the year-round maintenance of roads and airports, with a clear focus on smart mobility and digital transport solutions. In February 2020, we announced the acquisition of its brand owner Arctic Machine Oy to further strengthen our market position in Northern and Eastern Europe. The company, headquartered in Jyväskylä, Finland, has an 80-year history, and has evolved over the past decade from being an equipment manufacturer to a full-range provider of intelligent solutions for road maintenance.

About ELP

ELP is a leading brand of heavy automotive equipment and attachments for snow removal and road maintenance. Headquartered in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec, Canada, brand owner Équipements Lourds Papineau Inc. looks back on a history of over 25 years and has established its reputation as a provider of sophisticated technical solutions of high quality. For the Aebi Schmidt Group, the acquisition of ELP represents an ideal addition to the product portfolio and the expansion of its position in North America. Specifically, with ELP, the Aebi Schmidt Group now covers an important market segment in which the Group has had limited presence up to now.

Generation E - Charge the Change

At Aebi Schmidt, we believe that sustainability is a Group-wide responsibility and not that of any one department. In 2018, we launched the Generation E program, because the development and application of new technologies requires us to think in a completely new way. For us, ‘smart thinking’ means switching to sustainable, responsible and cost-cutting technologies with zero emissions, and a careful use of our resources. Our approach is guided by three imperatives:

Re-think:  We have been developing a new electrified approach to the market, which includes the new eSwingo200+ compact sweeper, the eVT 450 Multipurpose Transporter and other concepts. Developing and using new technology means we have to redefine our way of thinking.

Re-charge: The main driver behind a good circular economy is the ability to sustain the inherent value of the product in its parts. Therefore, we trying to reuse as much material as possible to avoid mere recycling/downcycling. Sometimes, parts can get a second purpose in a different function. And, naturally, for those resources that have no other use, we prioritise selective waste sorting.

Re-invest: Sustainability doesn’t happen by itself. It is a way of thinking and acting. As a major company, it’s our responsibility to invest in progress. But in the end this also counts for our clients. Everything we develop and produce is effected through our clients. And every single, sustainable machine is an investment in our common goal: a healthy planet.

CO₂ Calculator

Check for your own!

The emission of carbon dioxide is not a mystery. It is simply physics. One liter of diesel equates to 2.64 kilograms of CO2. If your diesel engine needs six liters that means 15 kg/CO2. For a compact sweeper working for 1500 hours per year that could mean: 23,760 kg/CO2 per year or a staggering 118,800 kg/CO2 in five years.

To compensate for the CO2 emissions of a diesel compact sweeper you would need to plant 1,800 trees a year. But, with our new eSwingo 200+ CO2 emissions now equal zero*.

*Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources



Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources.

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100 Years of Schmidt

Schmidt celebrates its centenary in 2020.

The car repair shop founded in the Black Forest in 1920 has now become a global and leading industrial company. Alfred Schmidt Jnr not only shaped the company and the brand with typical Black Forest tinkering and inventiveness, but also influenced the development of winter maintenance and, later, sweeping technology worldwide. He said in one of his last interviews: "We were different because we approached things without prejudice and were open to everything. That was actually our method."

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic in our anniversary year, it was with a heavy heart that we have had to give up most of the scheduled celebrations and activities. Nevertheless, you can find a few insights and exclusive photo and film material from a hundred years of history on our blog.

Beta version of our new website

A group is stronger than an individual. This belief has shaped our thinking and actions for some time now. Having taken the first step towards making our website simpler and easier to understand by harmonising our brand portfolio, we are now offering information in a clearer form. Direct and local contact with you is, and will always remain, very important to us. You will find your appropriate contacts on the pages of the appropriate national company –  along with offers and news that are relevant and important for that market area.

Yet you are on a beta version. Some of the features are still work-in-progress and not all products are available yet on the new site. If you discover any errors, cannot find information or have any other feedback or suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from you at webmaster@aebi-schmidt.com

PS: If you visit our website in one of the offered languages and encounter English or another language, this is not necessarily a mistake. Certain documents or information are only available in a limited number of languages. You may also find information which has been machine-translated. Such information is marked accordingly.