vProtect: Our experts detect problems before they occur

Unforeseen and usually annoying downtime can be largely avoided with professional, careful and regular maintenance and inspection. From comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of your machine to all-in service contracts: Our vProtect service packages ensure your operational readiness and allow you to focus on your core tasks.

With the complexity of the fleet and the development of technology, the demands on the personnel responsible for maintenance increase. And: what do you do when maintenance work is due, but the team just has other jobs to do? In addition to ensuring the operational reliability, it is also about protecting your investment, because nothing is as unique as your own business and organisation. With Aebi Schmidt, you have a partner at hand who understands you and who ensures that you can always keep the promise to your customers with services tailored to your needs.


Surf to www.aebi-schmidt.com/vProtect and learn about how we can support you from a simple vProtect Check 360 to an all-in service contract. By the way: We regularly send our experts for training. Why not take a look behind the scenes?