Monroe SmoothRide™ is the answer to drivers’ biggest complaint: an uncomfortable ride!

Monroe Truck Equipment’s innovative SmoothRideTM produces a 50% reduction in max G-Force impact by decreasing shock impact to drivers and passengers. With a self-adjusting air bag system that includes factory body mounts, rechargeable OEM quality air bags with an integrated high-pressure air compressor, and active pressure regulator, the system will make it feel as if the cab is floating on air while on the road.

Making wise investments when upfitting your work truck can ensure long term value.  When considering how long your equipment will last, the variety of services you can offer, and your ease and comfort over time, long term value can be truly built into your truck. Whereas a truck is a business tool for the owner, it’s the workplace for the driver. Drivers who spend a large portion of their day in their truck cab understand just how important a safe and comfortable ride is. The experience of the drive can set them up for success – or difficulty – on the job.  A bumpy riding experience can lead to pain, discomfort, and difficulty over time.  That’s why Monroe designed the SmoothRideTM with the comfort of drivers in mind. It creates a cushion of air between the factory body cab and frame mounts and can be installed on any 4-door GM medium-duty or International CV and replaces the factory rigid rubber body mount. It furthermore helps prevent the muscle fatigue that occurs on long bumpy rides, and as a result, increases driver retention.