Gully cleaner: Why complicated when it’s easy?

The gully cleaners available for the Swingo and Cleango make it possible to clean gullies with just one operator. This saves both costs and resources.  

The cleaning of the gully is done comfortably from the driver's cab via a telescopic flushing and suction pipe. Leaves, sand, gravel and other dirt are collected via the suction pipe in the 2 cubic metre hopper of the machine. The driver is spared physical work and does not have to expose himself to weather conditions. 

The rinsing water used in the cleaning process is taken up, freed from dirt and used again. This means that no water refilling is required, even during longer periods of use. The electro-hydraulic operation and the fully mechanised cleaning process enable fast and efficient cleaning and a high daily output with up to 500 drains.

The finely tuned, infinitely variable travel drive enables precise and easy work. Inside the fully air-conditioned operator's cab, a height- and tilt-adjustable steering column including swivel function ensures a comfortable position - even for tall operators. Ergonomically designed controls allow concentrated yet relaxed work. The controls are operated with one hand via a joystick. 

The gully cleaner is available in two versions. As a fixed attachment, in which the sweeping unit and the suction shaft aren’t installed at the factory. The sweeping unit is specifically modified for cleaning the gully. Alternatively, an interchangeable attachment is possible. In combination with the brush machine, the sweeper can be attached and removed in a short time. It is attached to the front plate instead of the third brush. In the case of interchangeable attachment, the sweepers are also prepared and modified for the gully cleaner at the factory. 

We offer the gully cleaners as part of our partnership with Allroundmaster in Saterland in northwest Germany. Gerold Hinrichs, founder and owner of Allroundmaster, is often described in the trade press as a tinkerer. We think that describes him inadequately, because it was he who developed the gully cleaner as an attachment for the Swingo and, more recently, also for the Cleango. This far more than tinkering. It is based on many years of expertise and a lot of engineering skills.