Green Sweeping Crosses the Pond

Efforts across the U.S. to advance fuel-saving technologies and to the adoption of electric commercial vehicles and fleets are increasing. The eSwingo 200+ pays for itself over its lifespan, with up to 85% of energy costs and up to 70% of maintenance costs to be saved compared to sweepers with a diesel engine. No wonder its popularity in the U.S. is growing. In less than a year, it’s been on dozens of demos and is being sold through a rapidly growing dealer network.

While Schmidt has been a leader in sweeping technology in Europe for decades, the technology and brand are hardly known in North America. Schmidt took this proven sweeping technology and transferred it to an electric-powered vehicle, which launched in Europe in 2019. In 2022, the eSwingo 200+ made its way across the Atlantic to meet the increasing electric vehicle and sustainability demands in North America.

Not only is the eSwingo 100 percent electric with zero carbon dioxide emissions, it’s compact size makes it ideal for sweeping sidewalks, bike lanes, paved pathways, parking lots and other tight spaces. An impressive broom system does allow sweeping widths of up to 114 inches to accommodate larger areas. Some may have a perception that electric vehicles have less power than fuel-powered counterparts. This is far from the truth. The eSwingo operates for a full 10 hours on a single charge – longer than a typical work shift. It recharges in just eight hours with the on-board charger, and sweeping performance is comparable to the Swingo diesel sweeper. Because it is a vacuum sweeper, the eSwingo helps prevent dust from being stirred up as it applies a constant stream of water as it sweeps. This eliminates the exposure of residents or people in the vicinity to a cloud of dust. The suction and water system technology reduces the emission of fine, harmful dust by up to 70%. The quiet operation of the eSwingo enables municipalites to perform sweeping operations overnight when there’s less traffic and fewer pedestrians.

At first glance, it may seem that the eSwingo’s compact size leaves little space for the operator; however, the contrary is true. The cab is plenty spacious for one, and allows space for a second person for training or navigation purposes. “Everyone who sees a demo of the eSwingo is surprised. It has amazing sweeping power – enough to sweep up bottles, cups and other debris on city streets. Yet, its small size enables it to go anywhere, such as recreational parks and bike paths. The biggest surprise factor comes when they see how much room there is in the cab”, says Sean Brunger, Sales Manager for Schmidt products in the U.S.

The front windshield extends down to the vehicle floor, and there’s even a window in the cab floor to provide a full view of the sweeping unit and suction nozzle. Ergonomic controls are located on the door panel within easy reach, and operations are carried out through push buttons and the movement of a joystick. A color display in the roof of the console is in plain sight and shows important information, including diagonostics. Contributing to its modern technology, the eSwingo is equipped with all-wheel steering to make tight turns in compact spaces possible. It also features steering-angle sensors, wich contribute to its ease of operation and safety.

eSwingo 200⁺ spacious 2-man cab
eSwingo 200⁺ spacious 2-man cab