New Cleango 550 also with electric drive

On the occasion of the Demo Days, Aebi Schmidt presented the completely revised successor model of the popular Cleango compact sweeper. The Cleango 550 has a 10% larger hopper volume and is equipped with an efficient, quiet Euro 6e diesel engine. As the eCleango 550, it is now also available with electric drive. 

In addition to suction power and sweeping technology, great emphasis was placed on the workplace, the cabin, when overhauling the new model. The new operating concept is intuitive and state-of-the-art. The cabin is altogether more spacious and offers an air-suspended driver's seat with individual adjustment options. Access to all control and operating elements is possible with just one hand and, thanks to convex rear windows, the driver has an all-round view of almost 250° in the cab. Of course, the new models have also been awarded the AGR certificate for particularly back-friendly products.

The new Cleango 550 is therefore even more optimally suited for daily cleaning work in inner-city areas and is still available with a 2- or 3-brush system. Thanks to the trailed suction system, collision damage can be minimised considerably and thus broom wear can be reduced significantly. This is also one of the many advantages of the new model.

Want to learn more? Check the recording of the livestream: