Electro-hydraulic eSyntos prototype passes endurance test

The feedback following tests with the prototype of an electric-hydraulic eSyntos spreader in a municipality in the Netherlands was so promising that the machine is now starting series production.

The prototype exceeded the customer’s expectations and impressed even the sceptics. Drivers praised the advantages it offered over a spreader driven by a petrol engine, for example less noise. Battery capacity and electricity consumption were also far better than expected: just 15% of the capacity was required for each operation and a 30- minute coffee break was enough to recharge the battery.

The basis for the eSyntos is the Syntos series, which can now also be driven alternatively via a battery pack and electric motor and thus be operated completely independently of the carrier vehicle. Thanks to the integrated batteries, the eSyntos retains its full power and is not restricted by the electrical functions of the carrier vehicle. When mounted on an electric carrier vehicle, the range of the carrier vehicle remains unchanged.

Electro-hydraulic eSyntos prototype

The high-tech electric drive technology in combination with the robust and proven hydraulic technology is perfectly suited for use in harsh winter conditions. By using hydraulic technology to drive the main components, such as the conveyor system, spreading disc and brine pump, maintenance remains possible without special training. The electric drive unit is maintenance-free. Another advantage: the technology is perfect for retrofitting, transforming an existing spreader into a 100 % emission-free electric spreader.