Even more attachments for the Schmidt Flexigo 150

The smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt sweeper family combines exceptional sweeping capabilities and a high payload with all the benefits of a multifunctional equipment carrier. The integrated quick-change system makes it easy to switch between the many attachments and mounted equipment.

But you can make it even easier! Flexigo is a versatile, multifunctional all-rounder. Thanks to its low gross vehicle weight, the Schmidt Flexigo 150 is perfect for sweeping pavements, can effortlessly manage on slopes with a gradient of up to 30%, and can be driven with a category B European driving licence. With just a few movements, you can use the machine to sweep as well as transport, plough, spread, mow, scrub and more. Check out this video from the Blausee in Switzerland to see what this looks like in practice:

In addition to the patented HET from Bosch Rexroth, drivers also appreciate the unrivalled view from the panoramic cab and the new joystick. The design of the machine, which carries the AGR seal of approval, is driven by ergonomics which ensures stress-free working. That also applies to switching attachments. The quick-change system is easy to use and makes it possible to use the right attachment in very little time, even in unexpected situations. And the range of attachments for the Schmidt Flexigo 150 continues to grow. Recent additions include the Matev sickle mower that’s adapted to the Flexigo and the flail mower from Müthing.

The optional third brush increases the width of the sweeping area from a maximum of 2,400 mm to 3,100 mm – ideal for removing weeds or sweeping dropped kerbs, for example. The third brush is designed to be modular, so you don’t have to choose between two or three brushes when purchasing. As an option, we can also supply the Flexigo with a high-pressure water pump, an LED lighting package, a reversing and suction nozzle camera, a central lubrication point, and a radio with integrated hands-free Bluetooth function.

If you’re a service provider or responsible for a community and you want to reduce downtime and increase productivity, you won’t want to miss out on the Flexigo. The Flexigo pays for itself in no time, and thanks to its access panels it’s also extremely easy to maintain. Finally, it’s not just flexible in the ways it can be used but also when it comes to workforce planning. The best thing to do is to call Aebi Schmidt or a distributor in your region today and book a demo.