Schmidt Flexigo 150 - the Smallest, Manoeuvrable All-Rounder that Can Be Used All Year Round

Narrow paths wind through the densely overgrown hilly forest to one of Switzerland's most popular excursion destinations: the legendary lake named Blausee (literally translated: blue lake), shimmering crystal clear in all shades of blue. On sunny holidays and weekends, the 20-hectare wooded nature park with walking paths, picnic areas and fireplaces is visited by up to 3,000 tourists. "A challenge for the maintenance of the park, but one that has been well managed since the beginning of the year," says Michael Linder, responsible for park and maintenance at Blausee AG.

That is how long he has been using the versatile and manoeuvrable Schmidt Flexigo 150 sweeper every day in the Blausee Nature Park. "The park is open daily all year round and has terrain with steep inclines, narrow paths and no generous turning possibilities. I rely on a machine that I can use in all seasons and in all weather conditions throughout the park."

Michael Linder has found this machine in the Schmidt Flexigo 150: It is small, manoeuvrable thanks to the comfortable articulated steering and can be combined with many attachments and mounted implements and thus be used flexibly for summer and winter maintenance. A particularly practical feature is that it has an integrated quick-change system and can be converted in 10-15 minutes without the help of a third party. "That's a huge advantage, because these days it can snow one week and then have summer weather again a few days later," says Michael Linder. "And I can convert the machine on my own."

Michael Linder uses the Schmidt Flexigo 150 with the sweeper attachment from spring to autumn to clear forest paths, picnic areas and fireplaces of leaves and litter. Thanks to its small turning circle, even the tightest curves in the park can be negotiated and swept. Should things ever get too tight, the automatic collision protection of the front brushes intervenes, allowing the brush to swerve inwards in the event of a collision with an obstacle. After the obstacle, the nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulators on the broom pivoting cylinders ensure that the broom automatically returns to its starting position.

In winter, equipped with a snow plough, snow broom and split spreader, the Flexigo 150 reliably clears the narrow and steep paths around lake Blausee of snow and ice thanks to its high engine output of 75 hp and energy-efficient permanent all-wheel drive and ensures that they are used safely.

Despite the compactness and manoeuvrability of the machine, there is no lack of comfort for the driver: the cab is spacious, the full-surface windscreen and the glazed doors offer the best visibility and a suspended driver’s seat, a height-adjustable steering column and ergonomic controls guarantee modern, user-friendly and safe working.

Are there other areas of use for the Schmidt Flexigo 150 in the Blausee Nature Park?
“Yes, I also use the Schmidt Flexigo 150 for transporting materials and luggage for the hotel. This is extremely practical, as we can really do all the necessary maintenance and transport work all year round with a single machine.”

And if Michael Linder is absent and a substitute has to do the work: No problem, because the Schmidt Flexigo 150 can be driven with an EU class B driving licence despite its high payload.