About the Ambitious Growth Plans of Our Group

Aebi Schmidt Group CEO Barend Fruithof was interviewed in a recently distributed Switzerland feature within The New York Times. Fruithof explained the growth ambitions of the group in general and in North America in particular. Furthermore he was talking about the Group’s business model transformation from a product driven company into a solution provider, offering service contracts, connectivity based on digitalization, and after sales services.

The feature introduced Switzerland  as the world’s most innovative economy. As the editors explain, the  World  Intellectual  Property  Organization   analyzed   131   economies,   and  for  the  last  ten  years,  Switzerland  has  ranked  as  the  world’s  most  innovative  country.  The  nation  specializes  in  offering  innovative  solutions  to  complex  global  challenges,  and  has  a  unique  ecosystem for business and investment opportunities. According to Fruithof, the company’s Swiss roots have been instrumental to the overall success of Aebi Schmidt. “Industrial companies sometimes forget how critical it is to have streamlined access to reliable financing. Switzerland’s accessibility for financial sources from banks, private investors and private equity companies has allowed us to finance the entire company out of Zurich. The efficient financial system is one of the many reasons we are based out of Switzerland today. The country offers high caliber talent and great technology, and it is easy to develop strong connections and partnerships.”

With an already large foothold in the North American market, Fruithof reflected on the Group’s presence and future opportunities. He stated, “Aebi Schmidt Group sees tremendous value in our presence in the North American market, not only for balancing our portfolio. We are really happy with our North American workforce since values closely align with the Swiss. We also receive excellent support through local government agencies and embassies. As a group, we are proud of our activities in the USA, and look forward to continuing to develop strong, sustainable relationships in North America.”

Read the full interview in the feature online or download the entire feature as PDF.