Traxos er en tallerkenspreder for montering på traktorer beregnet til strøing/salting i byer og tettsteder. Traxos leveres i to serier. Liten: kategori I/II (Traxos 05 og 08). Stor: kategori II/III (Traxos 09 til 18). Den kan leveres med væsketank for befuktning av salt eller med selvlasterenhet. Traxos leveres i 0,5 til 1,8 m³. 


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Eksakt og presis distribusjon av spredematerialet.
  • Finnes til små og store traktorer
  • Intuitivt kontroll-panel

Dine fordeler

  • Effektiv og hurtil fylling med selvlasterenhet
  • Enkel breddejustering fra førerplass
  • Rask og hurtig montering


The spreading material hopper is made of steel and has high-quality corrosion protection. The spreaders can be installed quickly and easily, making them usable in a very short time, while the driver can load the spreader alone using the self-loading equipment. The spreading material container is tilted hydraulically, pushed into the spreading material like a loading shovel and then returned. There is an optional cover to protect the spreading material.


Dosage and conveyor system

The spreading material slides safely to the base of the V-shaped hopper on an auger conveyor. The open auger, which is spiralled left and right, conveys the spreading material in precisely metred quantities to the central distributor. The material is spread via a stainless steel spreading disc with a 350mm diameter (Traxos 05 and 08) or a 490mm diameter (Traxos 09 and 18).

Pre-wet equipment

The Traxos 12 and 15 are also available as wet salt versions. The 430 litre liquid tank is made of resistant polyethylene with an integral level indicator.

Distribution system

The spreading material is spread via a stainless-steel disc with a 350mm diameter (Traxos 05 and 08) or a 490mm  diameter (Traxos 09 and 18) to give spreading widths of 2–6 m or 8m, while the spreading density can be infinitely adjusted. There is a choice between 5g/m² and 40g/m² for de-icing materials and between 40g/m² and 300g/m² for gritting materials.

Drive options

The Traxos series is powered by the tractor hydraulics.

Control and information technology

The spreading width can be infinitely adjusted via the EC or EP control panel in the driver's cab. Alternatively, manual adjustment via the hydraulic valves is also possible. With an EvolutionLine control panel, however, the Traxos spreader can be adjusted in a completely road-speed related manner with a closed control circuit for precise dosages.