The Syntos is a robust wet salt spreader made of highly durable polyethylene. The series is suitable for mounting on platforms, pick-ups or narrow track vehicles, plus small towing vehicles, tractors and cars with four-wheel drive. The Syntos is available in four hopper sizes and with different frame lengths.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski, Svenska, Русский


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • The world's only wet salt spreader made of polyethylene
  • High dosing accuracy and uniform spreading pattern
  • Extremely resistant and corrosion-free hoppers

Dine fordeler

  • Durability and maximum economy
  • Low centre of gravity thanks to liquid tank integrated in the hopper
  • Professional control with data management available

Tekniske data

Product booklet

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Modular concept

The Syntos is a robust spreader made of durable polyethylene, with a liquid tank integrated in the hopper which enables even emptying and contributes to a low centre of gravity. Four hopper sizes from 0.8-1.7 m3 and several different frame lengths are available. Trailed spreaders are available in three versions: 0.8 m3, 1.1 m3 and 1.7 m3.

Dosage and conveyor systems

The dosing system can be either belt or auger conveyor. With the trailer version, dosing is carried out exclusively via the belt conveyor system. A V-shaped, endlessly profiled conveyor belt is used, which runs on a sliding plate and thus leaves no bearing points in the hopper. The dosing slide with an integrated lump crusher ensures high dosing accuracy. The hydraulic motor-driven auger conveyor has a variable thread which gives uniform hopper emptying.

Pre-wet equipment

The spreader is equipped with an integrated all-round brine tank with a liquid level indicator and a brine pump with run-dry protection. A rear-side Storz C connection is available for filling and emptying. When switching on the brine (FS 30), the dry material is automatically reduced and the distribution system settings are optimised in accordance with the change in composition of the de-icing agent. The system achieves a high level of accuracy, thanks to integrated sensors for comparison of the actual versus the target value of the control loops.

Distribution system

Spreading is carried out via a 350mm stainless steel spreading disc offering a width of 2m-6m, and the entire distribution system can be folded up and is infinitely adjustable so that the optimum distance to the ground can be set for each carrier vehicle. In combination with the EP or ES control panel, an electric spreading pattern adjustment is available as standard.

Drive options

The Syntos mountable spreader series is driven by either the carrier vehicle hydraulics, the Rotopower or a petrol engine. The trailer version has an integrated drive.

Control and information technology

Operation is via a fully travel-dependent EC control unit, which is highly ergonomic thanks to easy-grip rotary knobs with click louvres and illuminated push buttons. As options, a digital full road-speed related EP control with a large, clear graphic display or the full road-speed related ES control with 7" colour touch screen are available.

IntelliOPS telematics platform

The Syntos spreaders can be connected to the Aebi Schmidt IntelliOPS platform which provides comprehensive monitoring, selection, reporting and analysis functions. It enables rapid performance evaluation by displaying machine activity data live on a map and uses collected data to provide detailed overviews and reports to optimise operations.