The Stratos Lava spreader series can be deployed whenever de-icing with conventional spreading agents is not practical due to extreme conditions. The Lava application guarantees lasting friction levels on the road surface by using heated water and gritting agents such as sand or split (small stones). Icy and slippery roads on packed snow, where wet salt, brine and dry salt no longer have any effect, are made passable thanks to the Stratos Lava.

Schmidt|Stratos Lava

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • A permanently non-slip surface in the case of packed snow and ice
  • Proven Stratos components combined with the improved Lava system
  • Sand-water mixture of up to 90° degrees
  • ES control system with dedicated Lava menu
  • A fully automated glycol-based frost protection with air press draining 

Dine fordeler

  • Long-lasting safety: After treatment, the road surface maintains its grip for at least a week under even the most extreme conditions. 
  • Very large radius of action: Thanks to the large content volume of the spreader and the highly efficient spreading processes, a very large radius of action is possible.
  • Easy service: All relevant components, such as heating units and hydraulic blocks, are easily accessible.

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The Lava principle

The Stratos Lava has a heating unit and insulated water tanks in addition to the normal grit hopper and distribution system, which makes it suitable for normal winter road maintenance and for operating in the most extreme conditions. 

Before starting the Lava application, the water is heated to 45° degrees by a diesel-powered heating unit and pumped into the insulated tanks. During the spreading process, hot water is sprayed onto the spreading agent, and this warmed mixture is spread onto the road surface by the distribution system. Due to its high temperature, this partially sinks into the icy road conditions and creates a permanently non-slip surface.

Mounting and demounting systems

The Stratos Lava can be equipped with one of the two mounting and demounting systems:

  • Base frame for demount legs, tipper body or fixed body, suitable for parking with filled hopper and tanks
  • RoRo system, suitable for parking with filled hopper and tanks

Dosage and conveyor system

The Stratos Lava benefits from a reliable belt conveyor system, suitable for all spreading materials. An integrated belt relief, an integrated belt cleaning system and a dosing slide with integrated lump breaker function ensure trouble-free operation.

Pre-wet equipment

The laterally arranged, insulated water tanks are made of impact- and cold-resistant PE with integrated baffles. They are filled via a stainless steel filling and draining connection at the rear with an integrated tap/filter combination. The suction point is located in the middle of the tank, which makes operation in otherwise unfavourable mountain regions possible without any problems. A solid, directly hydraulically-driven gear pump ensures automatic speed regulation when wet salt is added. 

Distribution system

The premium mixing system of the Stratos series 4 - 12 m³ is also used on the Stratos Lava. The optimum material flow is ensured by a closed PE chute and an optimised angle of the outlet. The spreading material hits the spreading disc centrally and is perfectly distributed to the discharge edge. This creates a homogeneous mixture, which is dynamically discharged as a bundled ejection jet in such a way that the effects of the wind are minimised. 

The swivel technology of the spreading disc allows a symmetrical or asymmetrical spreading pattern to be adjusted manually or electronically via the control panel. Thanks to this technique, the size of the spreading area is maintained and a precisely defined spreading pattern is achieved. Up to 3m can be spread in Lava mode and up to 10m in normal mode.

Drive option

The Stratos Lava is driven by the existing hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle.

Control and information systems

The Stratos Lava is operated via a fully road-speed related ES control system with additional Lava functionality, which, thanks to easy-grip click-turn knobs and illuminated pushbuttons, ensures that the driver can concentrate on the traffic and road conditions during his work. The ES control panel can be used to set both the normal wet salt and the special Lava functions, such as the preheating temperature and the frost protection function.