The small Stratos D series was specially developed for mounting on narrow track vehicles. Due to its particularly low construction, the driver has perfect rear visibility, while a dual-chamber silo system allows different spreading materials to be applied from two separate chambers simultaneously.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski, Svenska, Русский

Schmidt|Stratos D 1.1 - 1.7 m³

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Apply different spreading materials simultaneously, in varying mixing ratios or separately onto the road surface
  • First-class manoeuvrability thanks to a low centre of gravity 
  • Proven, modular construction with many options and expansion possibilities

Dine fordeler

  • A plus in terms of road safety: the low, vehicle-wide design gives the driver a perfect rear view.
  • Targeted use of gritting materials: in combination with the modern control set-up, the distribution system ensures the best spreading quality.
  • Maximum flexibility: the modular design allows optimum adaptation to the carrier vehicle and the prevailing conditions.

Tekniske data

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Modular concept

The modular concept allows its use on a wide range of carrier vehicles and is particularly suitable for narrow gauge vehicles and multi-functional equipment carriers. The Stratos D has an integrated base frame suitable for demount legs or fixed mounting, and a practical volume division of the two-chamber hopper in a ratio of 2:1.

Dosage and conveyor systems

The D series' twin auger conveyor system boasts a particularly flat hopper design and maximum utilisation of the vehicle width. The separately operated and directly controllable auger conveyors allow flexible spreading of various spreading materials. A two-stage incline of the augers guarantees uniform emptying of the hopper. The hydraulic motor with direct drive has a high torque for a stable and safe start-up.

Distribution systems

The D series has a distribution system made completely of stainless steel with a closed chute and variable height adjustment. The spreading disc has a 350mm diameter and achieves a spreading width of 2 - 6m, while the asymmetrical spreading pattern is achieved by means of impact point adjustment. 

Drive options

The D series is driven by the existing hydraulic system of the chosen carrier vehicle, while the hydraulic block is protected against the severest weather.

Control and information systems

The D series is operated by the ES EvolutionLine control system, via easy-grip click-turn contol knobs and illuminated push buttons, which ensures the driver can concentrate fully on the traffic and road conditions. Smart ThermoLogic and Route Assistant systems make the Stratos D even more efficient and effective in saving scarce resources.

IntelliOPS telematics platform

The Stratos spreaders can be connected to the Aebi Schmidt IntelliOPS platform which provides comprehensive monitoring, selection, reporting and analysis functions. It enables rapid performance evaluation by displaying machine activity data live on a map, using collected data to provide detailed overviews and reports to help optimise operations.