The Tellefsdal U-H2 is a powerful and extremely effective snow plough for removing large amounts of snow. It is ideal for clearing wooded or overgrown areas and for large spaces, such as car parks or airports. The U-type plough has hydraulically controlled wings either side which can be set forwards up to a 90° angle, allowing the efficient collecting and transporting of snow for longer distances.

Schmidt|Tellefsdal U-H2

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  • Powerful and uncompromising snow clearance
  • Robust operation thanks to sturdy steel construction
  • Highly versatile due to three independent sections of the plough share which can be set at different angles to meet all conditions

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  • The Tellefsdal U-H2 is an extremely powerful snow plough, suitable for clearing snow over large areas and a wide range of applications.
  • Robust construction enables easy clearing of even ice and frozen snow.
  • Available in different sizes from 4,600 to 7,345mm width.

Plough blade

The Tellefsdal U-H2 consists of three separate plough blades: centre, left and right. Their adaptable geometry offers high flexibility and means the U-H2 can be used as a U-shaped or one-sided snow plough. The blades can be swivelled and hydraulically adjusted while driving. The U-H2 series is available in different sizes (4,600-7,345 mm).

Override security system

Due to its extremely robust construction, the U-H2 does not require an override security system, allowing it to tackle even the toughest jobs. 

Angling device

The whole plough can be swivelled in both directions by 35°, while the side wings can be rotated forward by 90° to create a U-shape offering great snow collection performance and reduced transport width. A central pendulum frame allows a lateral swing of +/- 5°. At the same time, the central part of the plough blade and the side wings can be supplied in different widths to meet individual requirements.


A standard-fit hydraulic block controls all functions and features shock valves plus a hydraulic accumulator to protect the cylinders against overloading. Everything can be conveniently operated from the driver's cab.


The U-H2 is suitable for mounting on a variety of Volvo and CAT wheel loaders. Other options are available on request.


  • Grille flap
  • Further options available on request