The Tellefsdal K70 is a versatile, all-round snow plough suitable for a variety of clearing tasks and providing efficient and clean snow clearance within a demanding winter service. Combining the outstanding qualities of a diagonal and k-blade plough, the K70 clears snow equally well to both sides. The plough is available in several widths and variants, making it well suited to urban areas or on the open road.

Schmidt|Tellefsdal K70

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Robust design of a snow-clearing all-rounder
  • Unique snow removal characteristics thanks to the aggressive angle of the plough and the optional second cutting edge
  • Due to its optimized form, the plough prevents the build-up of a snow wall on the right side
  • Aggressive angle of attack (70°) to the road provides efficient and effective clearing

Dine fordeler

  • An extremely powerful snow plough suitable for various vehicles and a variety of clearing tasks
  • An override security system for safely driving over obstacles and perfect adjustment to the road surface
  • Efficient and effective snow removal through the special design of a second cutting edge

Plough blade

The Tellefsdal K70 offers a 70° attack angle to the road, making snow clearance clean and effective. It also has a 35° angle to the right- and left-hand sides to roll and throw the snow effectively and efficiently on either side. The plough share is designed with integrated snow deflectors, which prevent the snow falling onto the windscreen and obscuring the driver's vision. The left edge of the plough is designed in a way which allows the operator to drive as close to the roadside or crash barrier as possible.

Override security system

As standard, the K70 is equipped with a unique override security system with a number of key features:

  • Stiffness of the system is perfect for clearing hard, compacted snow.
  • Linking arms system provides an ideal adjustment to the road surface.
  • The override system is divided into four or five segments, depending on the size of the plough, which absorb the impact energy from hitting an obstacle and provide safe and smooth passage over the obstacle.

Lifting device

A three-point lift with automatic transverse tilt compensation enables the plough to be raised and lowered accurately and perfectly straight. The hydraulic lift is specially designed for improved rust resistance.

Hydraulic angling system

Lateral adjustment is achieved by two powerful double-action swivel cylinders that position the plough in the ideal clearing position without backlash. The hydraulic cylinders are protected by pressure relief valves.

The special coating of the piston rod within the hydraulic swivel cylinder provides improved rust resistance.


The mounting device is height-adjustable, so the plough can be positioned correctly on different vehicle mounting plates.


  • Fine-finish blade
  • Warning marks
  • LED marker lights
  • LED flashing light