The Tarron HP-2W is a multi-blade, heavy-duty snow plough for use on motorways, with a working width of over 6m thanks to two fold-out wings and an angle of attack of 30°. It is suitable for mounting on trucks from 18 tonnes.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Русский

Schmidt|Tarron HP-2W

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Multi-blade system with two retractable wings
  • Plough blade segments automatically adjust to the contours of the road surface
  • Snow clearing in several different positions or working widths

Dine fordeler

  • Efficiency: The Tarron HP-2W achieves the same clearing width as a front and side plough combined.
  • Excellent clearing result: The multi-blade system adapts perfectly to the road contours, even at high speeds.
  • Flexibility: The folding positions allow four possible working widths for large and small tasks.

Tekniske data

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Plough blade

The six plough blade segments, including outer wings both right and left, adapt perfectly to the contours of the road thanks to their individual suspension which, even at high speeds, leads to very clean snow clearance. The two outer wings can be adjusted so that different clearing widths can be set. When fully unfolded, the snow plough has an outstanding working width of 6.2 metres. When the left wing is folded in, the working width reduces to 5.1m, and when the right wing is folded in, it reduces to 4.5m. When both wings are fully folded, the clearing width is 3.4m, while the wings can folded hydraulically in both transport and clearing positions, minimising the transport width. They are automatically raised during the clearing operation.

Override security system

The six segments of the plough adapt perfectly to the contours of the road, allowing it to automatically pass over small obstacles.

Even if the plough hits an obstacle, only the one ploughshare that has direct contact with it will rise, the rest of them will stay continue snow clearing.

Individual suspension on four arms ensures that the share can spring back and prevent damage to the plough, while hydraulic valves open automatically in the event of a collision, allowing the wings to fold in easily.

Cutting edges

Steel cutting edge 

A multi-purpose, cost optimised solution for aggressive clearing of hard and/or compact snow. Steel cutting edges are resistant to bending and twisting, giving a clean result.

Combi cutting edge (size 36 and 50) (C36 / C50)

A more durable cutting edge made of steel, rubber and ceramic. This cutting edge is meant for aggressive snow clearing and can be a good alternative if the steel cutting edge is wearing out too fast. The combination of materials ensures noise and vibration reduction.

TUCA SX cutting edge

A state-of-the-art, high performance snow plow blade designed for long- term use. Once again, Küper is setting new standards in snow removal with the Tuca SX Wave. Detailed requirements analysis and constant advances in blade development lead to trailblazing product innovations like the patented Küper Wave Technology, which uses a curved profile to remove snow without resistance. Separate tungsten holders embedded in rubber and vulcanized between front and rear Hardox 400 steel plate make the TUCA SX incredibly durable. The result is a combination blade with carbide which can stand up to multiple road surfaces encountered while ploughing, effectively clearing even the most extreme roads without damaging the surface. 600% more effective than conventional carbide blades.

Rubber cutting edge (R)

Due to the flexible and elastic characteristics of rubber, it glides smoothly over the surface. A rubber cutting edge is especially efficient when clearing snow slush.

GK 5 cutting edge 

A GK cutting edge allows for more efficient snow slush clearing with longer service life and less friction. This cutting edge is made of steel, rubber and corundum and is therefore more aggressive than a rubber cutting edge.

Lifting device

A three-link lifting device ensures optimum power transmission to the carrier vehicle and tension-free lifting and lowering of the snow plough. Enables to gain big lifting height and it is easy to operate.

Angling system

Two swivel cylinders are used for making lateral adjustments, which place the plough in the desired clearing posi- tion. Adaptation system of the turning angle prevents the plough from being angled to the left side when there is a risk of the collision with the vehicle. Easier maintenance of the plough thanks to providing the same hydraulic cylinders for the lifting and angling device as well as for the operating the wings. 

Collision protection

The wings fold in and out hydraulically, while three sensors ensure they do not damage the vehicle when folding in. The current working width is always marked by LED position lights.

Working support devices

Castor wheels

The infinitely height-adjustable castor wheels with optional splash guards ensure precise adjustment of the snow plough and provide appropriate aggressiveness during snow clearing. They support the frame when driving over obstacles and extend the service life of the cutting edge.

The running wheels allow a smooth adjustment of the distance between the road surface and the scraper bar.

Sliding shoes

Alternatively, maintenance-free height-adjustable sliding shoes can be fitted. They are made of highly wear-resistant steel or combi.

Kerb deflectors

The plough wings are each fitted with a kerb deflector, which prevents the plough body from scraping against kerbs and edges.

Snow deflector

The Tarron HP-2W is equipped with a polyurethane snow guard, which can be optionally raised to reduce the clearance width.

The Tarron HP-2W may be equipped with the following variants of snow deflectors:

1. A polyurethane snow guard, which can be optionally raised to reduce the clearance width. It protects against moist and heavy snow.

2. Snow deflector with plastic blade cover liftable (reduced passing width) – enables to drive a vehicle with a plough through narrow passages, such as tunnels, etc.

3. An adjustable snow deflector made of cloth. Protection against snow dust is used mainly for dry snow and at high snow clearing speeds. It may be used as an additional protection, together with polyurethane snow guard.


The centre of gravity of the Tarron HP-2W is only 40cm in front of the vehicle's mounting plate, so that it can be mounted on both three- and four-axle vehicles, providing the vehicle has a front axle of at least nine tonnes.


  • Warning marks, warning flags or LumiFog
  • Side lamps LED / Additional work light on the left or right side
  • LED flashing lights (orange)