The Tarron Compact is a solid, multi-blade snow plough ideal for the clean removal of large quantities of packed and even frozen snow in urban areas - roads, car parks, factory premises or private properties. Its’ functionality is based on a compacted structure. Lighter frame and lower blade let this plough to be suitable for mounting on the Aebi TT and VT/TP along with many narrow track vehicles and small tractors. In addition, aggressive snow clearing is possible thanks to a blade angle of 32°.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Русский

Schmidt|Tarron Compact

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Very aggressive snow removal
  • Compacted structure
  • Clearing of even packed snow and ice

Dine fordeler

  • Efficient snow removal from the right and left side of the snow plough
  • Excellent running smoothness due to numerous damping elements enables clearing in built-up areas
  • Safe driving over obstacles without damaging the snow plough thanks to the automatic override system

Tekniske data

Product booklet

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Plough blade

The Tarron Compact is characterised by spring-loaded individual blades, which enable aggressive snow clearance and easily clear packed or frozen snow.

The individual blade suspension ensures the blade segments adapt perfectly to the unevenness of the road surface - which, together with the optimum geometry of the blade/cutting edge, ensures very clean clearing with an excellent clearing pattern.

Furthermore, the blades are raised on the outside to optimise the flow, which results in significantly improved snow removal. The optional polyurethane blade extension offers maximum collision protection and reduces costs.

Override security system

In conjunction with the shock absorber mount, the blade sections can deflect around obstacles to prevent damage. After each obstacle, a powerful blade retaining spring returns the sections back to the clearing position, while a shock absorber mount between the cutting edge and the plough absorbs all the tractive force.

Lifting device

The lifting system with maintenance and noise-free transverse inclination compensation is characterised by identical lifting and swivel cylinders. The pivot point consists of a noise and vibration-reducing polyacetal bushing.

Hydraulic angling system

Lateral adjustment is actuated by two powerful double-action swivel cylinders that position the Tarron in the selected clearing position without backlash.

Working support devices

Castor wheels or sliding shoes

Castor wheels extend a life time of cutting edges and let to smoother override an obstacles. Castor wheels or sliding shoe is an essential option to provide proper function of the overloading protection.


The Tarron Compact is equipped with plastic handlebars, which results in excellent damping properties even during aggressive clearing operations. A shock absorber rail between the cutting edge and plough body further absorbs the high starting energy and reduces noise emissions. The optional snow dust guard is also made of elastic polyurethane.

Kerb deflectors

For clearing tasks in inner city areas, kerb deflectors prevent the plough body from grinding off kerbs and edges. The optional polyurethane blade extension offers maximum collision protection. For enhanced anti-corrosion properties, all steel parts are blasted.

Snow deflector

The optional snow dust protection made of elastic polyurethane with patented gap cover prevents slush from penetrating between the blades.

There are three variants to choose from:

1. An elastic snow deflector made of polyurethane, suitable especially for wet and heavy snow conditions. Due to its special gap covers, it prevents slush from getting between the blades.

2. A snow dust cover made of rubber. The ideal solution for in-town use and slow working speed.

3. An adjustable snow deflector made of cloth. This version is particularly suitable for a dry snow condition.


The mounting system consists of a weight-optimised three-link lifting system, an attachment plate with mounting holes, and a hydraulic lifting and lowering device.

With its height-adjustable implement plate, three-point attachment (Cat I - III) and Weiste triangle, the Tarron Compact offers various attachment options to Aebi TT and VT/TP vehicles, along with many narrow track vehicles and tractors.


  • Stabilising springs
  • Warning markings or flags
  • Boundary lights
  • Stainless steel light bars adjustable in width and height (with full and dipped beam light)
  • Light sticks
  • Polyurethane coulter extensions (left and right)
  • Parking feet with and without wheels