The PV is a multi-bladed swing arm snow plough perfect for winter service on country, district and national roads. Thanks to weight optimization and various clearing widths, the PV snow ploughs can be adapted to most common carrier vehicles. They are available as three or four-blade versions, either as a PV plough with 9° angle cutting edge or as a PVF plough with 21° angle cutting edge.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Polski


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Power-flow and shape-optimised blades for optimum snow removal
  • Suitable for all types of snow and road conditions
  • Single blade suspension for roadway adaptation

Dine fordeler

  • Safe driving over obstacles without damaging the snow plough thanks to the automatic override system
  • Low-noise clearing thanks to shock-absorbing and noise-reducing swing links
  • The PV snow plough can be used for optimum black or defined white clearing in any type of snow and on any road condition

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Plough blade

The PV is designed as a multi-blade snow plough with individual blade suspension. The PV snow ploughs are available as three or four-blade versions as a PV plough with 9° angle or as a PVF plough with 21° angle cutting edge. The power-flow and shape-optimised blades ensure optimum snow removal. Blades of the same length considerably simplify the storage of cutting edges. The individual blade suspension positions the blades effectively onto the road and adapts to any surface. The spring pre-tensioned and adjustable turning part enables optimum alignment to the road surface. A flatter scraper blade angle of 21° allows more aggressive clearing in areas with heavy snowfall. The clamping device enables quick and safe changing of the cutting edges, so that costly drilling is no longer necessary. Depending on intended use, different cutting edges are available.

Override security system

The automatic, maintenance-free override system, with plough blades guided on linking arms, ensures safety when driving over obstacles without damaging the snow plough. The swinging links are shock-absorbing, maintenance-friendly and noise-reducing. They are resistant to low temperatures and protect the driver and vehicle from bumps and knocks when driving over obstacles.

Cutting edges

Steel cutting edge:

A multi-purpose, cost optimised solution for aggressive clearing of hard and/or compact snow. Steel cutting edges are resistant to bending and twisting, giving a clean result.

Kombi cutting edge (size 36 and 50) (C36 / C50):

A more durable cutting edge made of steel, rubber and ceramic. This cutting edge is meant for aggressive snow clearing and can be a good alternative if the steel cutting edge is wearing out too fast. The combination of materials ensures noise and vibration reduction.

TUCA SX cutting edge:

This is the most durable cutting edge. It is made of steel, rubber and carbide. The carbide inserts ensure an extremely long service life. Due to the strength of the material it can be used for very aggressive snow clearing.

Rubber cutting edge(R):

A good solution for use on inner city roads and speciality properties like parking lots. Due to the flexible and elastic characteristics of rubber, it glides smoothly over the surface. A rubber cutting edge is especially efficient when clearing snow slush.

Angling system

The hydraulic swivelling of the plough is carried out by two telescopic cylinders with integrated overload protection. This can be set to a clearing angle of 32°/36° by means of an adjustable stop. Raising and lowering is done by a double-acting hydraulic lifting cylinder with lowering restrictor.

Working support device

Castor wheels or sliding shoes

Castor wheels extend a life time of cutting edges and let to smoother override an obstacles. Castor wheels or sliding shoe is an essential option to provide proper function of the overloading protection.

Snow deflector

At speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph), the snow dust protection prevents snow from obscuring the windscreen of the carrier vehicle, while the snow guide rubber prevents snow from swirling over the plough blade. At higher clearing speeds, the height-adjustable snow deflector also deflects snow dust downwards.

1. an elastic snow deflector made of polyurethane, suitable for all kind of snow. Due to its special gap covers, it prevents slush from getting between the blades.

2. a snow dust cover made of rubber. The ideal solution for semi-professional use.

3. an adjustable snow deflector made of cloth. This version is particularly suitable for powder snow and high speeds


The PV has a universal device plate for safe and quick mounting and dismounting in accordance with DIN 76060 A or B. The screwed-on mounting claws are interchangeable; and the device plate is height-adjustable through various attachment points and can be flexibly adapted to the carrier vehicle.

The PV has parking supports which ensure safe mounting and dismounting of the plough. Standard castors allow the parked plough to be moved and make mounting easier. PV ploughs generally have a transport eyelet at the centre of gravity.

The quick-change devices offer safety during quick change. The guide claws and swivel bolts mean handling is not necessary under or between vehicle and plough.