The MPC is a single blade snow plough with an automatic two-segment override system to protect the plough against obstacles and provide perfect alignment to the road surface. With its flat blade shape and robust construction, the snow plough is ideal for urban applications where snow needs to be deposited at the edge of the road. Two versions are available: the MPC-S and the MPC-P. Both are very efficient and allow aggressive snow removal and, depending on their design and size, are suitable for mounting on narrow-track carrier vehicles and small tractors.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Automatic override system
  • Robust and light plough
  • Aggressive and safe snow removal

Dine fordeler

  • Economy: Durable snow plough through the use of high-quality components.
  • High performance: Both snow plough versions allow efficient and aggressive clearing.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for small tractors or small implement carriers.

Plough blade

The MPC is available in two versions: the MPC-S with a steel plough blade and the weight-reduced MPC-P with an upper ploughshare made of polyethylene. Both variants allow efficient and aggressive clearing thanks to the 45° angle of attack on the cutting edge. Massive blade reinforcements enable the safe handling of large quantities of snow.

All functions are performed hydraulically and conveniently controlled from the control panel in the driver's cab.

Override security system

An automatic override security system ensures optimum safety when driving over obstacles without damaging the snow plough. A hollow rubber spring and a steel cable bring the cutting edge back into the clearing position after the obstacle has been passed.

Lifting device

The lifting system offers maintenance-free and noise-free transverse inclination compensation, and is characterised by identical lifting and swivel cylinders. The pivot point consists of a noise and vibration-reducing polyacetal bushing.

Hydraulic angling system

Thanks to the hydraulic side shift, the plough can be swivelled through 32° or 36° to left or right. During the angling, swivel cylinders equipped with over-pressure protection ensure optimum power transmission so that the plough can be positioned without play in the selected clearing position.


The mounting attachment consists of a weight-optimised three-link lifting system, an attachment plate with mounting holes and a hydraulic lifting and lowering device.

With the height-adjustable implement plate, the three-point attachment (Cat I - III) and the Weiste triangle, the MPC offers various attachment options for the Aebi TT and VT/TP vehicles, along with various narrow track vehicles and tractors.