The KL-V is a variable wedge snow plough, which is available in different plough forms and meets a multitude of applications. The KLV-series offers wedge shape, V-shape and one-sided snow ploughs, and is ideal for clearing inner-city areas, car parks and roads, along with access to buildings and other infrastructure. The KL-V is designed for mounting on Unimogs, trucks, tractors or wheel loaders.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Русский


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Flexible plough form
  • Two continuously variable, simultaneously pivoting plough shares
  • Override security system

Dine fordeler

  • Flexibility: Use as wedge-shaped, V-shaped and one-sided snow plough.
  • Versatility: Can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • Performance: Suitable for clearing difficult and hard-to-reach areas such as car parks.

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Plough blade

The KL-V series ploughs consist of two stepless, simultaneously pivoting blade wings with synchronous control, and can be used as wedge-shaped, V-shaped and one-sided snow ploughs, suitable for various clearing tasks. The box design of the ploughs ensures high stability.

Rotating point between ploughshares is equipped with poliacetal (POM) bushings, which perfectly helps to reduce noise and friction and provides shock absorption.

The KL-V ploughs are designed to achieve optimum snow ejection rates even with different snow heights. This makes them particularly suitable for clearing difficult areas such as car parks, narrow roads in city centres and the targeted clearing of busy road junctions.

Override security system

Each ploughshare is equipped with an override security system. A shock absorber rail between the cutting edge and plough blade, plus a pendulum device with damping element,  reduces noise and delivers very smooth running characteristics. The PU locking pin closes the gap between the cutting edge of the right and left ploughshare.

Lifting and angling device

The user-friendly, three-link lifting device guarantees tension-free lifting, while adjustable top links ensure optimum roadway adjustment. As an option, a hydraulic slope compensation system can be fitted to align the snow plough in a horizontal position, perfect for clearing pavements with an inclined vehicle. Generously dimensioned hydraulic cylinders with overload protection allow infinitely variable adjustment.

Hydraulic system

  • suitable for vehicle hydraulics with three control valves for operation of the snow plough
  • four control valves for comfortable angling (synchronous control)
  • five control valves with hydraulic compensation of lateral inclination
  • optionally  additional valve to reduce 2 control valves

Cutting edges

Steel cutting edge

A multi-purpose, cost optimised solution for aggressive clearing – if necessary. Steel cutting edges are resistant to bending and twisting, giving a clean result.

Rubber cutting edge (R)

A good solution for use on inner city roads and speciality properties like parking lots. Due to the flexible and elastic characteristics of rubber, it glides smoothly over the surface. Allows gentle clearing of paved surfaces.

Combi cutting edge (size 36 and 50) (C36 / C 50)

A more durable cutting edge made of steel, rubber and ceramic. This cutting edge is meant for aggressive snow clearing and can be a good alternative if the steel cutting edge is wearing out too fast. The combination of materials ensures noise and vibration reduction.

GK 5 cutting edge (GK 7) 

A GK cutting edge allows for more efficient snow slush clearing with longer service life and less friction. This cutting edge is made of steel, rubber and corundum and is therefore more aggressive than a rubber cutting edge.

Working support devices

Castor wheels / sliding plate

Castor wheels and sliding plate extend a life time of cutting edges and let to smoother override an obstacles. 

Snow deflector

A snow deflector prevents poor visibility due to snow swirling up to the wind- screen of the vehicle. The shield directs the air stream along with the snow dust to the side.

There are two variants to choose from:

Steel snow deflector

Rubber snow deflector

Rubber protection is used mainly during slow clearing of wet and heavy snow. Thanks to its high flexibility the shield can be deflected without getting damaged (e.g. when hitting an obstacle). It is simple and cost effective option.

Side deflector

Lateral deflectors prevent damage to the plough body when working on solid obstructions, such as the walls of buildings.


For optimum positioning of the snow plough on different vehicles, the mounting plate is height adjustable and can be attached to vehicle plates size 3/5. A wide range of mounting adaptations for wheel loader and tractors are available.


  • Warning marks and safety devices
  • Plough lighting LED