The FLL is a single-bladed spring flap snow plough. The FLL has been specially designed for mounting on narrow track vehicles, municipal compact vehicles, tractors, off-road vehicles or pickups. It is particularly useful for clearing low-to-medium amounts of snow in narrow or limited areas, such as depots, cycle paths, footpaths and alleyways in old town centres.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Flat share curvature for easy snow ejection
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Stable, durable and robust construction
  • Drive-over system

Dine fordeler

  • Wide range of applications: The FLL is versatile and ideal for use on pavements, car parks and pedestrian zones.
  • Lightweight: The low weight of 195 -260 kg makes the FLL ideal for use in the community.
  • Flexible use: The FLL can be used for any type of snow and is suitable for low or medium snow depths.

Plough blade

The FLL has a flat blade curvature, which ensures easy snow ejection and is ideal for clearing in inner city areas. The robust steel construction with spring flap segments on the underside ensures clean clearing. The inclination of the FLL to right or left is infinitely variable, so it can be positioned precisely in a user-friendly manner for any location and purpose.

Override security system

The FLL snow ploughs have a stable and torsion-resistant construction and are equipped with a spring flap override system with pre-tensioned torsion springs to protect against contact with unseen obstacles. Thanks to the override system, obstacles are simply driven over while the plough blade remains in the clearing position and is undamaged. Depending on length, the FLL has three, four or six spring flaps.

Angling system

A mechanical angling system is supplied as standard, while a hydraulic version for infinitely variable swivelling both right and left is available as an option.


The FLL snow plough can be mounted on vehicles with their own lifting system using appropriate adaptors or on vehicles with their own three-link lifting system, using double-acting hydraulic cylinders.