The three to five-bladed snow ploughs in the Cirron series are especially designed for demanding clearing of large quantities of snow at medium altitudes. The snow ploughs really come into their own in frequent winter service operations to clear municipal and intercity roads and are suitable for mounting on Unimog, trucks and tractors.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Form-fit, maintenance-friendly and elastic polyurethane handlebars for better resilience
  • Robust and light plough
  • Attachment for many different vehicles

Dine fordeler

  • Due to its rapid snow clearing abilities, the Cirron is particularly suitable for use in inner cities.
  • Safe driving over obstacles without damaging the snow plough thanks to the automatic overrun system.
  • Low-noise clearing makes it ideal in built-up areas.

Plough blade

The Cirron has a flat blade shape and, together with a 7° angle of attack of the cutting edge, ensures rapid snow clearing ideal for inner city areas.

Blade reinforcement and box design ensure optimum force absorption and transmission.

The flexible blade guide and form-fitting polyurethane upper and lower links ensure excellent alignment to the road surface.

Each of the blade segments has four pre-tensioned spring links made of elastomer, and can automatically avoid obstacles thus preventing damage to the plough body. The plough shares always remain in clearing position, while the box section design makes the individual shares extremely torsion resistant. All areas of the plough where force is applied have also been specially reinforced.

Plastic bushes in the socket of the slide shoe, the elastomer spring links and the parallelogram links, which are also mounted in plastic, all contribute to the Cirron's extremely smooth running and noise reduction.

Override security system

The Cirron is equipped with a patented override system that enables safe driving over obstacles without damage for safer operation.

Lifting device

The three-point lifting system with automatic transverse tilt compensation enables the plough to be raised and lowered accurately with precision, while a swing device moves the plough automatically between working and transport positions.

The identical lift and swivel hydraulic cylinders of the lifting system are made of stainless steel piston rod for improved resistance. 

Angling system

The highly efficient angling system allows the blade to be switched to either 32° or 36° thanks to two swivel cylinders - even while the Cirron is in operation.

Kerb deflectors

Kerb deflectors prevent the plough body from grinding off kerbstones and edges when clearing inner city areas.

Snow deflector

The snow dust guard is made of elastic polyurethane and prevents slush from penetrating between the shares due to its patented gap cover. The dust cover can also be raised on the outside of the shares. The increased efficiency of the share through the snow dust protection ensures optimised snow clearance.


The Cirron series can be mounted on different vehicle plates thanks to the height-adjustable equipment plate.