TSS er en trukken gang- og sykkelveisweeper med dyseutlegg av saltlake. Kombinasjonen av traktor med frontplog og med TSS bak gir en hurtig og effektiv brøyting og de-iceing av arealet den brukes på. TSS har en underhengende kost som feier bort rester av snø etter frontplogen. Bak på TSS'n er det dyser som sprayer ut saltlake. Det er justerbar breddekontroll i førerhuset. 


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Tre de-icingsmetoder i samme operasjon
  • Kan brukes preventivt
  • Kostbesparende

Dine fordeler

  • Kombinasjon av plog og kost gir bedre trafikksikkerhet
  • Brøyting, kosting og utlegg av saltlake i samme operasjon, reduserer antall timer og kost
  • Utlegg av saltlake gir en rask virkning på veien og forbedret trafikksikkerhet
  • Inovativ løsning for vintervedlikehold av gang- og sykkelveier

Clearing technology

The TSS consists of a trailer with sweeping unit and spraying system, and combines three different de-icing steps. Firstly, it ploughs the snow to the side, then it sweeps away the remaining snow and, finally, it sprays brine onto the road.

Sweeping unit

The TSS has a VKS high-speed sweeper roller with manually adjustable spoiler for optimum snow ejection, and is technically designed for speeds of up to 40 km/h (25mph). It is attached to DIN plate size 5. The roller brush is guided by a parallel lifting system and is raised, lowered and swivelled hydraulically. The height-adjustable trailing wheels optimise the roller brush guidance. Two different broom widths are available: 1,800 and 2,400mm.

Spraying system

The spraying system is suitable for all common de-icing agents. The 2,500 litre polyethylene tank, which is equipped with baffles and level indicator, allows a large radius of action, while a minimum level switch ensures an automatic pump shut-off in case of overfilling. Filling takes place via a manhole or C-connection. The fixed spray tube comes with a single or double row of nozzles plus throwing nozzles to extend the spraying width, and is supplied by a liquid diaphragm pump which operates at 120 litres per minute.


Cleaner clearance is achieved on the TSS with our SNK, FLL or CP snow ploughs


The TSS can be attached to a tractor using a standard two-point hitch system category II/IIIN. The version with a broom width of 1,800mm requires a tractor with a power output of 80HP, while the variant with a broom width of 2,400mm requires 120HP.

Drive system

Both broom and sprayer are driven by the tractor's power take-off shaft. The plough and brush are controlled via the tractor's hydraulics.


The ES control panel in the driver's cab is used for road-speed related control of the sprayer. A frost-resistant 7" colour touch screen display is housed in a splash-proof, robust casing. The click-turn knobs and illuminated push buttons ensure convenient operation of the primary and menu-dependent functions.

Utfyllende informasjon

An homologation test for road use should be carried out for each individual country.