The RPS-H is a reflector post washer that makes an ideal addition to municipal equipment as it does not only clean those posts which are easy to reach.  Instead, the special construction of the easily mountable extension arm allows the easy cleaning of those difficult-to-reach reflector posts mounted behind crash barriers. By manually adjusting the brush unit, the RPS-H can also be used for cleaning guard rails.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Low water consumption
  • Special automatic keying
  • Brushes with integrated splash guard

Dine fordeler

  • Universal application possibilities: Suitable for free-standing reflector posts, those behind crash barriers and for guard rails
  • Easy mounting: The RPS-H can be easily mounted and dismounted
  • Simple operation: Fully automatic cleaning process

Cleaning unit

The RPS-H consists of two washing brushes with integrated splash guard, and a water supply to five spray nozzles provided by an electric water pump. Water consumption is optimised as the water supply only starts when the brushes are rotating, producing a very low water consumption of 1 litre per wash cycle. The working unit is designed to be positioned laterally to the front, which ensures excellent visibility at all times, while the brushes can be easily and quickly brought into the working position. Thanks to a special automatic feeler system, cleaning can be carried out right to gound level without the brushes actually touching the ground and throwing up dirt. The cleaning process is started via an ergonomically positioned control panel and runs automatically.


The RPS-H has a hydraulic direct drive for its rotary brushes, which allows easy selection of the direction of rotation and the speed of the brushes. The washing brush speed and direction of rotation can be set as required, and  the washing arms are manually adjustable for right-hand and left-hand use.