The towed MSH trailer sweepers are extremely agile and easy to use machines that can work effectively even in tight spaces, while the very low noise level makes them ideal partners in residential and urban areas. The design boasts a robust construction that has been tried and tested over many years, enabling low operating costs and a long service life. The MSH is available in two sizes - 0.7m3 and 1.5m3.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Svenska, Русский


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • High-capacity hopper
  • Drive via PTO of the tractor
  • Water spray nozzles for optimum dust binding

Dine fordeler

  • Maximum manoeuvrability: The slim drawbar and variable attachment ensure an extremely agile and easy to use machine that can work efficiently in tight spaces.
  • Low noise emissions: They have a very low noise level, which allows them to be used in residential and urban areas, in parks and cemeteries.
  • Best certification: With four stars, the MSH towed sweepers meet the best level of PM10 / PM2.5 certification.


MSH 070

The MSH 070 has a steel hopper with 0.7 m3 capacity.

MSH 150

The MSH 150 has a steel hopper with 1.5 m3 capacity.

Tekniske data

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Sweeping technology

The sweeping unit of the MSH consists of two towed disc brushes with drive via the PTO of the tractor. The hydraulic lifting and lowering of the disc brushes can be controlled via the control panel. The MSH has a rear-mounted, collision-protected roller brush, while the adjustable roller brush cover ensures optimal sweeping results.

Suction system

Two disc brushes mounted in front of the axle transport the debris to the centre of the MSH. The roller brush, located behind the axle, brushes the debris into the large-volume hopper.

Water system

Centrally mounted plastic water tanks ensure an even weight distribution. The MSH 070 has a water tank volume of 200 litres, and the MSH 150 one of 500 litres. An electric water pump, with up to 15 litres per minute, supplies four water spray nozzles on the sweeping unit of the MSH 070. The MSH 150 has an electrically driven water pump with two spraying levels (first level 7.5 l/min @ 3.4 bar; second level 15 l/min @ 3.4 bar). It also supplies four water spray nozzles on the sweeping unit for optimum dust binding.

Sweeping material hopper

The MSH towed sweeper series has a steel hopper with a capacity of 0.7 m³ and a discharge height of 1,500 mm for the MSH 070 version and a capacity of 1.5 m³ and a discharge height of 1,800 mm for the MSH 150. In each case, the hopper is tipped hydraulically at the back.


All functions, such as switching the sweeping operation and lifting, lowering and tipping the hopper, are easily operated from the vehicle cabin via a simple and logically designed control panel.


The MSH's hydraulic system is driven by the PTO (Power Take-Off) of the towing vehicle, while the drive can also be powered using its power hydraulics.


The slim drawbar enables outstanding manoeuvrability and a large steering angle, while the overrun brake and the safety rope increase safety for the driver. A hydraulic swivel drawbar is standard, although different drawbar eyes are also available.