A compact and incredibly robust sweeper with a powerful drive, which complies with the highest environmental standard, Euro 6e. The redesigned state-of-the-art cab provides a spacious, clear and convenient workplace offering maximum comfort. The operating system is designed logically to enable intuitive operation. The new features ensure the Cleango 550 ideal for everyday cleaning tasks in urban areas.

Schmidt|Cleango 550

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  • Compact hopper with a capacity of 5.5 m3 integrated within the vehicle
  • High suction performance enables sweeping at fast working speeds while easily collecting large amounts of debris
  • Smooth and efficient Euro 6e diesel engine
  • Available as a 2- or 3-brush system with towed suction shaft

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  • Unique workplace: spacious cab with (adjustable) air suspension driver’s seat and controls that can be accessed with one hand. AGR-tested (‘Campaign for Healthier Backs’).
  • Excellent visibility: convex rear window enables an almost 250° view
  • Low wear: the towed brush system minimises damage from collisions and thus reduces brush wear


Cleango 550 | 2-brush system

A flexible sweeping system helps ensure thorough cleaning in any situation. The towed disc brush system, mounted in front of the front axle, achieves a sweeping width of 2,200 mm.

Cleango 550 | 3-brush system

With the optional third brush, the span swept can be as wide as 3,550 mm. This allows a larger area to be covered as well as sweeping on two levels.

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The new 125 kW (170 hp) diesel engine delivers a powerful torque with low emissions. This meets the emissions requirements of both Euro 6e and Stage V.

The six-cylinder diesel engine has a low fuel consumption while still guaranteeing exceptionally reliable and cost-effective operation. With 600 Nm at 1,200 rpm, this is pure performance with no compromise on fuel consumption and noise emissions.

Sweeping technology

The Cleango 550 is available as a 2- or 3-brush system and features a towed disc brush system mounted in front of the front axle. Compared to a shunted system, the towed design ensures significantly less collision damage and considerably reduced wear on the brushes.

The 2-brush variant has a sweeping width of 2,200 mm. With the optional third brush, the span swept can be as wide as 3,550 mm. This allows for better coverage rates (up to 66,000 m²/h), sweeping on two levels and efficient sweeping of surfaces with a large amount of street furniture, which therefore have to be worked in small sections. The reinforced arm carrying the front brush can be used on both the left and right of the machine and can also carry out heavy-duty weed-removal.

All functions of the Cleango 550 can be controlled hydraulically on the control panel in the driver’s cab. The entire sweeping unit can be hydraulically shifted 300 mm to each side. With the optional autonomous brush control system, the angle of the disc brushes can be hydraulically adjusted to the road conditions from the driver’s cab. Ground pressure on each disc brush can also be adjusted individually from the driver’s cab. This enables convenient and thorough sweeping of right-angled corners, gutters and hard-to-reach areas.

Suction and water systems

The towed suction shaft is mounted behind the brush and in front of the front axle, and is carried on casters at a constant height above the ground. The suction shaft and disc brushes form a single unit. Suspending the brush unit guarantees optimum tracking and thus coverage to the suction shaft. The flow-optimised suction shaft ensures the sweeping performance remains just as effective even at low fan speeds and with reduced fuel consumption. A hydraulically actuated cover for bulky debris allows even larger items to be swept away. The fan speed can be easily adjusted to almost any level to allow for a fast response to changing conditions.

The fresh water system has a capacity of 750 l. The powerful water pump supplies two spray nozzles in each disc brush and the nozzles in the suction shaft. The collected debris is combined with water and compacted to help ensure that only clean air with low particulate levels are released.


This suspension package is calibrated for the Cleango sweeper to make driving this machine just as safe and comfortable as a car. It is the perfect combination of good driving comfort, robustness and low maintenance requirements.

The high load capacity and large wheel contact area guarantee greater safety with low ground pressure – regardless of road and weather conditions.

The wide steering angle of 68° combined with the short 2,000 mm wheelbase provides for optimal manoeuvrability with an impressively small turning circle.

The optional lockable differential on the rear axis makes the Cleango 550 the ideal partner even for challenging terrain.


The design of the cab focuses on operational comfort and ergonomics. The windscreen extends completely to the cab floor to offer optimal visibility from inside the spacious cab. A special highlight is the new convex rear windows in the rear edge of the cab, which provide an unparalleled field of view of almost 250°. Two large wing mirrors additionally offer a perfect view of the working area and surroundings. An observation window in the cab floor provides an unobstructed view of the suction shaft and the disc brushes.

The cabin is equipped with high-quality sound-proofing and vibration damping. This allows the driver to focus even more effectively and perform their tasks efficiently and safely. The powerful thermal management system also ensures the best possible interior climate while working. The angle of the steering column can be adjusted and the cab can optionally be equipped with three seats.

All controls – including the joystick for the front and side brushes – are within easy reach from the air suspension driver's seat and can be operated with one hand. A modern design and touchscreen display make the user interface truly unique. The ability to store different driver profiles also adds further value for users. The keypad with integrated LED lighting, which is mounted directly in front of the joystick, displays the key functions of the machine. In the two control panels, the operator selects, for example, which work mode they wish to work in or whether to activate the brush pressure setting.

The multimedia player can be selected as an option, and offers high-quality entertainment and hassle-free smartphone connectivity. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, for example, can be controlled conveniently and safely via the touch display. Everything from DAB/DAB+ digital radio to audio and video content on USB devices can be played. The multimedia player also features Bluetooth, allowing the driver to make calls safely via the hands-free system.


The new Cleango 550 has a hopper capacity of 5.5 m³. This is 10% larger than the predecessor model respectively. The larger system volume sets new standards in terms of performance and range. The Cleango 550 guarantees maximum sweeping performance with an extended operating radius. The basic model features a low dump. A high-dump system with slide gate for emptying into containers is available as an option. The integrated scissor lift simultaneously moves the container upwards and closer to the container. This design ensures clean and safe emptying for the driver.

The hydraulically locked rear flap with a robust rubber seal creates a watertight seal between the rear flap and the container. The new exhaust air system makes it easy and convenient to switch the exhaust air depending on the sweeping conditions.

Modern vehicle technology

The entire vehicle frame and all important components are hot-dip galvanised to ensure outstanding corrosion protection and long-term use in all weather conditions.

A generously proportioned water tank with a volume of 750 litres enables long operating times. The tank is also mounted on the chassis to create a lower centre of gravity for better road handling.

The optional high-pressure pump with a delivery rate of up to 15 l/min and up to 150 bar supplies a 20-metre hose reel with manual spray gun, which is integrated into the vehicle.

In addition to efficient sweeping, the issue of safety is also important. For this reason, the Cleango 550 can be optionally equipped with a 360° camera to provide a good view of the machine and its surroundings in every transport and work situation.

The redesigned lighting concept features LED daytime running lights and LED working headlights that optimally illuminate the entire working area.

Wide range of options

  • Three front brushes
  • Weed brush
  • Reversing and suction shaft camera
  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Air suspension driver's seat
  • 3rd seat (additional passenger seat)
  • Multimedia player with smartphone connection

IntelliOPS telematics platform

If you want to monitor, plan, control in real time, optimise or, for example, bill third parties for the activities of your Cleango 550, then use the digital solutions on our IntelliOPS platform. IntelliOPS supports you in the efficient use of your individual machine as well as in a network with several machines, including those of other brands. Here you can find out more about our digital solutions and how you can use them in a way that is modular and adapted to your needs.