The AS 660 is an extremely powerful and efficient truck-mounted sweeper that is specially designed and perfectly matched to meet the needs of airports. With its rear suction unit and high suction power extending across the entire width of the vehicle, the AS 660 removes FOD (Foreign Objects Debris), leaves and dirt, plus liquids such as glycol or water, easily from the runway. Its operation is fully integrated into the super efficient and highly acclaimed ES control panel, enabling easy and straightforward control whilst driving.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Polski, Svenska, Русский

Schmidt|AS 660

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Combination of linear and parallel lift enables flexible suspension and ensures tilt compensation when cornering and close proximity to the ground contour.
  • Two-part suction shaft with adaptive ground adjustment.
  • Castor wheels improve running smoothness and enable ideal contour tracking.
  • Lateral shift enables lateral adjustment when driving straight ahead and allows the rear suction nozzle to be positioned closer to the curb.
  • Pressurised water recirculation system extends the operating time by up to 30%.

Dine fordeler

  • Outstanding sweeping performance even when cornering, thanks to excellent coverage with disc brush, roller brush and suction nozzle, two-part suction nozzle and a flexible suspension.
  • Greatly reduced brush wear, thanks to adjustable brush pressure and speed.
  • Electrically controlled water jets with maximum flexibility through operation via the ES control panel.
  • Dust-free collection of debris thanks to water jets in the suction shaft, on the disc brush and feed roller.
  • Outstanding not only at airports, but ideal when clearing up on construction sites

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Cleaning concept

The AS 660  boasts outstanding suction power, a 7m3 hopper and a large water volume for long sweeping distances and maximum efficiency. With a self supporting frame, the sweeper can be mounted on any conventional two-axle truck chassis in the 15–18 tonne class, provided that the requirements for approval in terms of load capacity are met – a unique concept that offers maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Suction system

The rear suction unit enables full surface cleaning across the entire vehicle width. The high suction power and flow-optimised suction shaft ensure outstanding collection of debris – even stubborn dirt and liquids. The flexible suspension, combined with a two-part suction vehicle, ensures that the suction nozzles ideally adjust to the swept surface, even when the truck is on a steep incline or uneven roads. 

The transverse shift to the left or right enables lateral adjustment when driving straight ahead. The rear suction unit can therefore be positioned closer to the curb, while the corresponding pneumatic suspension also serves as lateral collision protection. The rear suction unit is not dependent on the type of truck and its operation is fully integrated into the ES control panel, enabling simple and easy control whilst driving.

Rear suction functions

  • Lateral adjustment -80 /0/ +80
  • Cover for bulky debris
  • Locking of the angle of the shaft
  • Floating axle – wheels on pivoted carrier rockers for optimal contour tracking in the driving direction
  • Quick height adjustment on the floating axle
  • Optional high-pressure washing heads, before or after the rear suction shaft


State-of-the-art control technology is an important step towards safe and efficient sweeping. Logical and intuitive menu navigation and automatically controlled processes help drivers remain focused on the road.