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De inhoud is niet beschikbaar in de gevraagde taal. De inhoud is wel beschikbaar in: English, Deutsch

The Sweeper: A Machine with Numerous Fields of Application

Sweepers are versatile, flexible and effective. Companies, municipalities and other organisations use them. The technology is used in street and pavement cleaning as well as for many other tasks. The requirements for sweepers could hardly be more different. This depends on the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of soiling and other factors. This is where we from the Aebi Schmidt Group come into play. With our broad portfolio of sweepers, we have the right solution for your problem - for sure!

Which suction sweepers do we offer?

Suction sweepers are the professionals among the sweepers. They reliably clean large areas in a short time. Suction sweepers are primarily used outdoors, for example to clean pavements and open spaces. Compact sweepers pick up dirt via a suction nozzle and are flexible and manoeuvrable.

With this technology, you primarily remove dust, sand and similar fine dirt. We at the Aebi Schmidt Group offer you numerous sweeper models. The spectrum ranges from compact machines for industrial cleaning to systems for municipal cleaning to airport sweepers. This way, you will always find the right sweeper for your field of application.

The Swingo 200+: The small powerhouse

Reliable, powerful, quiet, economical and compact - these are the most common requirements for a sweeper. The Swingo 200+ fulfils all these points and is therefore one of the most popular machines we have in our range.

Traditional inner city cleaning is the strength of the Swingo 200+. On footpaths and cycle paths, this sweeper removes any dirt quickly and inconspicuously. The Swingo 200+ also masters high-pressure cleaning and weed control.

An economical diesel engine with 55 or 62 kW power ensures economical operation in everyday use. As both variants meet the current exhaust emission standards, they are thus suitable for inner-city areas without restrictions. Thanks to the optional Koanda recirculation system, even lower fine dust emissions are also produced during cleaning.

The eSwingo 200+: Fully electric, quiet and clean

You don't have to make any compromises with the eSwingo 200+. One battery charge provides enough energy for up to ten hours of sweeping. That is more than enough for a complete working day. Within four hours, the sweeper is charged and fully ready for use again. The system is based on the Swingo 200+ and is thus designed for the same cleaning tasks.

The eSwingo 200+ is low-maintenance and easy to service. We take care of the entire service for you. We also offer free take-back and recycling. Benefit from the large service network of the Aebi Schmidt Group.

The Cleango: The reliable sweeper for daily cleaning tasks 

With the Cleango 500, you have a compact and at the same time powerful sweeper at your disposal. The primary field of application is inner-city cleaning and industrial areas.

Broom systems with two or three brooms are available for the Cleango. This allows sweeping widths of up to 3500 millimetres. This allows you to clean large areas quickly and precisely with the Cleango. A hopper with a capacity of five cubic metres gives you maximum operating range. In addition, the system has a maximum payload of 6600 kilograms.

Further extras for the Cleango extend its functionality. A high-pressure cleaner and weed broom add further cleaning options to the system. Rear view and suction shaft cameras as well as a noise reduction package are optimal for inner-city areas.

The Street King 660: The sweeper for coarse dirt

When the streets are really dirty, that's when the Street King 660 is in demand. The truck-mounted sweeper is adaptable and compatible with all trucks designed for the required payload. The combination of suction chute and sweeping roller allows high driving speeds during cleaning.

The Street King 660 is the sweeper for cleaning large areas of roads. The 7.0 m3 hopper can hold large quantities of dirt. In addition, the system carries 1600 litres of water for cleaning. With a pressure of 200 bar, the Street King 660 removes even stubborn dirt.

The AS 660: The truck-mounted sweeper for special tasks

With the AS 660 system, we at the Aebi Schmidt Group offer you a powerful truck-mounted sweeper for particularly difficult tasks. The system is suitable for truck chassis in the range of 15 and 18 tons.

The AS 660 is primarily used at airports, as large areas can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with the high-performance rear suction device. The AS 660 can also be used to remove glycol or water from runways.

One advantage of the AS 660 is that it cleans large areas quickly. The rear suction unit removes dirt from the entire surface of the vehicle in one step. Thus, the sweeping width can be up to 3500 millimetres. This also ensures optimum cleaning when cornering.

The disc brushes reliably sweep leaves, sand and similar dirt to the suction shaft, which also picks up liquids. Another advantage is the spray water nozzles integrated into the suction shaft. These allow optimum dust binding even in dry weather conditions.

Brush pressure and speed are adjustable. This extends the service life of the brushes. As standard, the AS 660 carries 1600 litres of water for street cleaning.

For which tasks are mechanical sweepers suitable?

Mechanical sweepers excel at picking up coarse debris quickly. In addition, towed sweepers offer a very high sweeping performance. Thanks to these features, mechanical sweepers are true all-rounders.

Among other things, you can remove the following types of dirt with these machines:

  • Sand, gravel and crushed stone
  • Paper
  • Leaves, branches and green cuttings
  • Coffee cups and packaging
  • Cigarette packets


The MSH system: The reliable assistant for local cleaning

With the MSH we offer a compact and at the same time powerful system. The towed sweeper convinces with a low noise level and is at the same time manoeuvrable and compact.

This makes the MSH system the optimal choice for the maintenance of housing estates, parks and similar areas. There the two disc brushes remove gravel, leaves and other dirt from paths and roads.

Trailed sweepers are designed for combination with small tractors. The particularly compact MSH 070 has a tare weight of only 800 kilograms and a permissible total weight of 1500 kilograms. The larger MSH 150 has a tare weight of 1300 kilograms and a permissible total weight of three tonnes.

The Wasa 300+: The right system for municipalities and larger facilities

The Wasa 300+ belongs to the towed sweeper category. With a maximum payload of eight tonnes, it belongs to the medium-sized systems and is combined with suitable tractors.

The Wasa 300+ system is suitable for you if you regularly have to clean larger areas and longer road sections. The Wasa 300+ is designed for surface cleaning of up to 48,000 square metres per hour. Thanks to the mechanical pick-up, no exhaust air is produced during cleaning and therefore less fine dust.

The water system of the Wasa 300+ has a capacity of 1,100 litres and therefore allows an extensive range of use. Furthermore, the hopper has a capacity of three cubic metres.

One for all: the multifunctional sweeper

If you are looking for a flexible sweeper, the Flexigo 150 is the right choice. This compact machine is ready for use in summer and winter and equipped for all tasks. This is possible thanks to the integrated quick-change system.

You can get numerous attachments and add-ons for the Flexigo 150. Among others, the following modules are available:

  • Various snow ploughs
  • Front sweeper
  • Snow blower
  • Attachable sprayer
  • Different spreading systems
  • Watering arm
  • Front rotary mower
  • Tipping platform
  • Mulcher
  • Scrubbing deck for wet cleaning


This makes the Flexigo 150 an all-rounder among sweepers. You can convert the Flexigo 150 in just a few steps. With one machine you can sweep pavements, maintain green areas in summer and clear snow in winter.

Another unbeatable advantage of the Flexigo 150 system: the permissible total weight is 3.5 tonnes. At the same time, the Flexigo 150 has a payload of over one tonne, making it a real workhorse. This means that anyone with an EU driving licence class B can operate the sweeper. The articulated steering also makes the vehicle extremely manoeuvrable.

We offer these and other intelligent solutions for your individual needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.