The Stratos 0.6 - 0.8m³ is a mountable spreader of the small Stratos series intended for mounting on compact carrier vehicles, such as small flatbed trucks, pickups or narrow track vehicles. Typical areas of application are depots, car parks, cycle paths and footpaths, along with alleys in the old town and some municipal roads. The small Stratos series uses the same technology as the larger Stratos spreaders.

Schmidt|Stratos 0.6 - 0.8m³

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Can be equipped with either the classic auger or belt conveyor systems
  • Highest spreading and distribution accuracy
  • Various control solutions, specially developed for winter road maintenance

Dine fordeler

  • Proven technology as in the large Stratos series
  • Flexible modular design for optimum adaptation to the carrier vehicle and the operating conditions
  • Economical use of spreading materials thanks to pre-wetted salt technology

Modular concept

The modular construction system enables very economical configuration that can be individually and readily adapted to various deployments and carrier vehicles. The hopper is available in sizes from 0.6m³ to 0.8m³ and is made of powder-coated stainless steel to ensure a long service life and high corrosion protection.

Spreading technology

The Stratos can spread both de-icing and gritting materials operated from a control system in the driver's cab. It can be equipped with either a classic auger conveyor system or a belt conveyor system. The use of pre-wetted salt technology ensures that the spreading materials are used sparingly, reducing cost and protecting the environment at the same time.

Drive options

The Stratos spreader can be driven by different systems but the simplest solution is  to use the hydraulics of the carrier vehicle. If no hydraulics are available, the innovative and efficient Rotopower option is available, which uses the rotation of the rear axle without frictional loss by removing it directly from the wheel hub.

A further option is to use the classic auxiliary motor.

Control and information systems

The Schmidt EvolutionLine control system comprises three different operating concepts that make the operator's work easier and more efficient. Thanks to this sophisticated control technology, the driver can control all functions conveniently from the driver's cab and react directly to changing road situations. Depending on the equipment choice, temperature-dependent dosage is possible using ThermoLogic, routes can be planned in advance employing AutoLogic or data analysis with the IntelliOPS data management system is also available.