The FS 110 T is a powerful high-performance snow blower designed for mounting on rugged implement carriers or tractors. It is equipped with the high-performance clearing head of the Supra 5002, providing outstanding clearing capabilities in the toughest conditions and is specially designed for high powered clearance on airfields.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski, Русский

Schmidt|FS 110 T

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Outstanding clearing performance
  • Extremely robust clearing head for tough clearing operations
  • Perfect coordination of high-performance clearing head and carrier vehicle
  • Extremely stable construction in monoblock design

Dine fordeler

  • Thanks to the Supra 5002 high-performance clearing head, the FS 110 T has an outstanding clearing capacity.
  • The FS 110 T is a very robust machine, ideal for rugged implement carriers or tractors.
  • Thanks to the open and slow-running milling drum, it easily tackles unforeseen foreign objects. The cantilevered milling drum ensures excellent steering properties without the need for additional outriggers.

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Clearing unit

The clearing unit is characterised by a two-stage snow blower system with four-stage open cutting spirals and a blower wheel, the housing of which can be hydraulically swivelled right or left. There is a high clearing capacity thanks to the perefect alignment of the blower wheel and milling drum.

Due to the open milling drum design, the FS 110 T easily tackles unforeseen obstacles. The milling drums have no side bearings for precise steering in the snow.

The FS 110 T has optional, adjustable trailing wheels or skids for perfect ground clearance adjustment, while side deflectors provide excellent collision protection. There is a mechanical overload protection in the milling drums. The supporting shell, blower wheel, blower wheel housing and milling drum are all made of super wear-resistant Hardox steel. The cutting edges are replaceable.

Clearing head

The FS 110 T boasts an extremely robust clearing head, identical to that of the Supra 5002, for the toughest clearing operations, and has been specially developed for high-performance use at airports. The clearing head drive is designed for the maximum possible power take-off of 400 kW, and can be mounted front or rear by two different planetary gears. Optional snow blades on the clearing head are ideal for removing very heavy snow.

Ejection chute

The FS 110 T has a hydraulic slewing ring with short target chute and hydraulically adjustable flaps or loading chute with hydraulically adjustable flaps. Clearing distances of up to 40 metres are possible. The chute turning device can be adjusted by means of a slowly-running hydraulic motor. A hydraulically-operated optional feed flap widens the clearing width by about 700mm.

Drive system

The clearing unit is driven by mechanical direct drive, via a Cardan shaft with shear pin coupling, from the vehicle power take-off shaft direct to the drum drive. The milling drums are driven and centrally mounted via an angular gear. Both milling drums have extra protection from shear bolts or optional mechanical overload protection. The FS 110 T is easily and conveniently controlled from the carrier vehicle's control panel.

Mounting and dismounting

The snow blower is mounted on a rear three-point lifting system with either category III or category IV linkages.