The CPS 5.3 is a lateral truck-mounted snow plough for right-side clearing and is ideally designed for efficient high-speed and aggressive work on motorways and major roads. The plough's blade segments automatically adapt to uneven road surfaces, guaranteeing a clean and efficient clearing result - even at high speed. 

Schmidt|CPS 5.3

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Efficient use on motorways and major roads
  • Automatically adjusting plough shares adapt to uneven road surfaces
  • Fully automatic override system for safe clearing

Dine fordeler

  • Suitable for all types of snow
  • Torsion-resistant and stable box construction, which guarantees a very high stability at low weight
  • Hydraulically retractable for narrow passageways
  • Lifting system with integrated tension springs for automatic reduction of the contact pressure during clearing

Plough blade

A swivel-flap snow plough for right-hand clearance with swivel-flap segments to accommodate the scraper blades, the CPS 5.3 guarantees a clean clearing result even at high speeds thanks to blade segments that automatically adapt to uneven road surfaces. It is equipped with a steel cutting edge or a Combi S cutting edge.

Override security system

The CPS 5.3 is equipped with an override security system with a rotary flap, which protects the plough from damage caused by sudden and unseen obstacles and ensures safe clearing operations.

Lifting and angling device

The CPS 5.3 is equipped with a parallelogram lifting device with hydraulic lifting and lowering device, with infinitely variable lifting pssibilities, plus mechanical transport lock and maintenance-free lateral inclination compensation.


The CPS 5.3 can be hydraulically swung out and in and has a hydraulic safety device to prevent unintentional swinging. It can be retracted hydraulically to cope with narrow passageways. The lifting system has integrated tension springs which automatically reduce the contact pressure during operation. Matching the vehicle hydraulic system, the CPS 5.3 has a snow plough actuation for side wings.

Mounting and demounting

Mounting the CPS 5.3 on trucks is easy and straightforward using a Schmidt mounting plate.