The SRM is a high-performance snow loader with its own independent diesel engine designed for mounting on wheel loaders and primarily for municipal and urban use. Snow collection, milling and effective clearance is guaranteed with its carefully designed, sturdy drum, blowing tube and snow visor.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • 500 kg drum operating at a rotation speed of 600-650 rpm which cuts, mills and creates a uniform mixture even from heavy wet or frozen snow and ice.
  • Uniform mixture is ‘blown’ into the truck’s tipper under high energy via the blowing tube which compress the mixture to up to 900 kg/m³ snow mixture density.
  • Long blowing tube for city use with high tippers, and a shorter tube with maximum blowing distance for road use – both with hydraulically controlled visor.
  • Well suited to ports, logistics terminals and factory sites in addition to cities and urban areas. Maximum working width up to 3.5 meters.

Dine fordeler

  • Long operating range: low fuel consumption of average 20 litres per hour.
  • Short snow loading time: measured performance up to 900 m³/h into tipper trucks (including 50%-time losses due to changing trucks) and up to 1800 m³/h for road clearance without loading.
  • Downsize the fleet: the SRM handles any amount and type of snow without the need to prepare snow before loading.
  • Fully independent from the base machine – control unit placed into cabin. Quick hitches allow attachments for most common wheel loaders.

Tekniske data

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Working drum

The SRM snow loader has a large drum with several rows of throwing blades, which cut and crush snow into a uniform mass and direct it to the center of machine and into the blowing tube. In addition to flat directed blades there are additional cylindrical blades in the center which increase the speed and performance of the machine.

The single-stage logic of the machine makes it ideal for working in tough conditions with obstacles and even unexpected rubbish in the snow.


The SRM’s systems are run by a reliable 129kW/175hp diesel engine with low maintenance costs and long lifecycle. The engine delivers high torque at relatively low rpms which ensures high performance and low fuel consumption.

An electric pre-heating system helps start the engine at very low temperatures, reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

Optionally, the snow loader can be equipped with an additional water separator filter.

Safety systems

The SRM offer several stages of safety protection. Firstly, the throwing blades have safety bolts and detach into the drum on meeting any significant obstacle. Secondly, the planetary gear has a safety axle designed to break on encountering an insurmountable obstacle and immediately stop the drum. Thirdly, there are driving belts designed to break in case of the drum overloading. And last but not least, a centrifugal clutch prevents overloading. All these systems protect the engine and ensure the snow loader continues to operate under the most severe conditions.

Suitability & attachments

The SRM snow loader is recommended for use with 10-ton wheel loaders. A standard attachment is the Volvo Quick Hitch L50-L120, but there are a variety of other attachments available that expand its use in different markets.

Blowing tubes & accessories

The SRM has two tubes available; a long tube for city use with limited throwing distance, and a shorter one for reaching maximum throwing distance when the surrounding countryside allows it. The long tube with hydraulically controlled visor allows the loading of tippers up to a maximum height of 3.6m, and is open on one side to prevent snow and ice becoming stuck inside. The blowing distance of the shorter tube depends on prevailing conditions, but can reach up to 30m.


  • Perforated steel blades
  • Flat steel blades
  • Polyurethane wear blades
  • Extension wings up to 3.5m
  • Working lights on the blowing tube
  • Kerb stone protectors

Utfyllende informasjon

An homologation test for road use should be carried out for each individual country.