Equipped with the new high-torque 100 kW engine (136 hp) in accordance with the Euro 6e emissions standard, the all-terrain Aebi TP/VT 470 Vario Transporter is ready for the widest range of agricultural and municipal applications throughout all seasons. The Aebi operating concept Vision Control offers the driver a constant overview of all relevant parameters, and in sweep mode it provides simple operation of all functions via the integrated drive selector lever. In combination with the unique Vario gear, this ensures continuously variable, comfortable and environmentally friendly work.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski

Aebi|TP/VT 470 Vario

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Powerful 100 kW engine (136 hp) for gentle work
  • High payload owing to the maximum weight of 10,000 kg
  • Continuously adjustable driving speed for efficient work
  • Cruise control and low speed concept enable fuel savings and noise reduction
  • Intuitive operating concept Vision Control with 12-inch touch display and the established Aebi drive selector lever

Dine fordeler

  • Active suspension: permanent all-wheel drive, the power train between the engine and wheels is never interrupted, 100% automatic locking differentials, permanent anti-roll stabilisation of the rear axle
  • Safe work: high level of driving comfort and safety thanks to the automatic steering mode control
  • Easy access: The cooler and filter are mounted in a particularly maintenance-friendly manner, easy access to components that require servicing
  • Unobstructed view: generously sized cabin with all-around visibility, wide-angle mirrors integrated in the main mirror and LED vehicle lighting as standard
  • Environmentally friendly technology: clean Euro 6e emissions standard turbo diesel with 100 kW (136 hp) and 500 Nm torque


TP 470 Vario

The TP 470 Vario is designed for working in the steepest of terrains. Its versatility makes it the ideal companion for all work situations in and around agricultural operations and offers distinct working comfort.

VT 470 Vario

The VT 470 Vario is specifically designed for the needs of city and municipal administrations. Owing to the user-friendly operating concept, it can be controlled intuitively and offers an inviting workplace.

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The turbo diesel engine fulfils the requirements of both the Euro 6e emissions standard and Stage V. The engine boasts a powerful 100 kW (136 hp) at 2,600 rpm. The maximum torque of 500 Nm is reached at a speed of 1,400 rpm. The turbo diesel engine is equipped with particle filters and an SCR catalytic converter (selective catalytic reduction). The diesel particle filters and SCR processes are continuously coordinated and monitored electronically.

Continuously variable drive

  • Engaging the clutch and shifting are a thing of the past. The patented, continuously variable, split power drive train of the Aebi TP/VT 470 Vario combines comfort and efficiency. The driver's hand can always stay on the drive selector lever, enabling them to fully concentrate on their work.
  • The permanent traction of the wheels and the considerably better braking effect of the hydrostatic drive significantly increase driving safety compared to a mechanical gear.
  • Precise manoeuvring and changing the direction of travel are easy. In practice, this means a considerable increase in working speed.

The continuously variable drive comprises four gear ranges: purely hydrostatic (H), split power 1 (1), split power 2 (2) and split power reverse (R). The continuously variable drive works purely hydrostatically from 0 to 8 km/h. The Vario gear works in the split power range 1 from 8 to 35 km/h and in the split power range 2 from 34 km/h up to top speed. The hydrostatic and mechanical components of the power flow are combined in the simple planetary gear set and act together on the drive train.

The Aebi TP/VT 470 Vario can be configured with a top speed of 30, 40, 45 or 50 km/h as desired by the customer.

Ride qualities

Suspension with automatic, hydraulic anti-roll stabilisation

Steered front and rear axles, hydro-pneumatic spring-damper system with double transverse links, progressive torsion damping and hydraulic anti-roll stabilisation on the rear axle result in reliable driveability in every situation. Thanks to the unique design of the double transverse link single wheel suspension, all wheels always spring straight to the surface without affecting the drive train. The TP/VT 470 Vario thus offers the best traction and incomparable soil protection.

Automatic drive control (ADC)

The ADC automatically regulates the maximum driving speed according to the varying power requirement of the attachment or implement. The travel drive is regulated depending on the power consumption at the PTO shaft. The TP/VT 470 Vario thus automatically regulates the working speed without driver intervention. This ensures that the engine always works within the ideal range.


Optimum drive mode at the touch of a button

  • Road travel: 100% of the power output acts on the drive. The maximum tractive force is already available at 1,400 rpm. The desired driving speed can be maintained via cruise control. In addition, the ECO drive function can be activated to drive at particularly low speeds.
  • Work mode: 30–70% of the power output acts on the drive. The full tractive force is already available at 1,400 rpm (ideal for hay loaders, manure spreaders and slurry tanks).
  • PTO mode: This mode is for attachments which require a fixed speed. This can be configured on the display with which the gear controls the drive so that the speed is kept constant. The desired speed can also be set using the cruise control.
  • Proportional: 30–70% of the power output acts on the drive.
  • ECO drive (activated for road travel): The engine speed is reduced while the speed remains unchanged. The fuel consumption and the noise level are reduced accordingly.


The Tiptronic drive positions can be programmed from 6 (standard setting) up to 40 individual drive positions and adjusted at the touch of a button.

Steering modes

The steering system has front (a), rear (b), all-wheel (c) and crab (d) steering mode. This means that the TP/VT 470 Vario achieves outstanding manoeuvrability and agility. In addition, from 25 km/h, there is an automatic changeover from all-wheel to front-wheel steering, thus increasing driving comfort and safety. The steering modes can also be conveniently selected at the touch of a button.



Working with the TP/VT 470 Vario is a low-noise and vibration-free experience thanks to the decoupled driver's cab, which is built on hybrid rubber bearings.

With the revised operating concept Vision Control, we offer the latest generation of a control unit that provides a unique overview, including a distinct ease of use. The modern and simple operation can be freely programmed, tailored to the user. The large 12-inch touch display provides the driver with constant information about all key parameters.

An extensive selection of seats guarantees the right configuration for every customer. The comfort cab is equipped with heating and a defroster as standard. The doors feature large sliding windows. The rear window increases the excellent all-around visibility and can be opened if necessary. LED working lights and winter service lighting are integrated in the cab roof. The extensive basic configuration can optionally be supplemented with a powerful air conditioning system. This means that ergonomic, efficient and flexible work is possible with the transporter TP/VT 470 Vario.

A drive selector lever without compromise

Hop in and drive off immediately, change the direction of travel quickly and easily without stopping, or precisely and quickly control the work devices with just one finger – this is made possible by the Aebi drive selector lever. Depending on the equipment variant or requirement, it can be integrated in the engine cover or the armrest, thus enabling a relaxed posture in every situation. This makes not only ergonomic but also safe working conditions possible.


The hydraulic connections are located on the left behind the cab. This allows the hydraulic hoses to be conveniently connected and disconnected. If desired, the hydraulic connections can be pulled to the front of the vehicle.

Hydraulics variants:

  • Basic hydraulics
  • Auxiliary hydraulics 40 l/min / 200 bar
  • Power hydraulics 100 l/min / 300 bar


Versatility increases cost-effective operation

The Aebi TP 470 Vario has a wide range of agricultural applications. The solid construction, the anti-skid all-wheel drive and the large number of attachments and implements that can be changed quickly and effortlessly enable use at any time of the year. This means the transporter can be better utilised, thereby increasing profitability in the long term.

Attachments and implements:

Municipal service

Summer operation

The powerful engine, the solid construction and the option of installing a wide variety of attachments and implements quickly and effortlessly make the municipal transporter Aebi VT 470 Vario the ideal partner for summer operation.

Attachments and implements:

  • Sweeper: The VT 470 Vario cleans streets and squares with attachable sweepers (e.g. Schmidt VKS or LKS).
  • Watering technology: The water tank and front spray beam allow the cleaning of polluted streets and surfaces (including dust control).
  • Transport: A wide variety of transport work can be carried out thanks to the 3-way tipper or hook device.

Winter operation

The municipal transporter Aebi VT 470 Vario is robustly built, powerful and manoeuvrable, making it ideal for combating snow and black ice. The optimally coordinated all-wheel drive in combination with the patented Vario gear ensures excellent traction. The 100 kW engine provides the required power for effortless clearing of large amounts of snow.

Attachments and implements:

  • Multi-blade ploughs, e.g. Schmidt MPC, CP, SNK or Tarron Compact
  • Spreader, e.g. Schmidt Stratos or Syntos
  • Front brushes for removing small amounts of snow, e.g. Schmidt VKS
  • Snow blowers

Construction industry
In challenging spaces, such as on construction sites, in narrow inner-city alleys or in tunnels, the activated all-wheel steering makes even seemingly impossible-to-reach corners accessible. In addition, the high payload of the Aebi VT 470 Vario makes it possible to transport large quantities of material or heavy equipment.

Attachments and implements:

  • Three-way tipper
  • Hook lift
  • Tipper
  • Crane

Special tasks

  • Waste management: A waste disposal superstructure or skip ensures waste disposal in smaller communities and towns in mountainous regions even in poor driving conditions.
  • Sewer cleaning: Sludge extraction, flushing of sewers and many other applications are made possible by the special apparatus.
  • Construction of power lines: The possibility of mounting special apparatus brings advantages when building or maintaining overhead power lines in rough terrain.