The Aebi TP 410 is a tried-and-tested, solid transporter. It is powered by a large-volume Kubota diesel engine that packs a huge punch. The spacious driver’s cab is mounted on rubber supports and operation is designed to be straightforward. The low unladen weight and high load capacity make it incredibly versatile. The Aebi quick-release connectors enable simple and time-saving mounting of numerous attachments.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Русский

Aebi|TP 410

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Powerful Kubota engine
  • Extremely light and manoeuvrable
  • Simple operation

Dine fordeler

  • Comfortable working environment: modern panoramic driver’s cab, up-to-date instruments with colour display, comfortable seat with optional air suspension
  • Safe working: Hill-Holder function – problem-free starting even on the steepest terrain
  • Attachment changes: quick and easy, compatible with existing Aebi attachments


TP 410 Agriculture

The TP 410 clearly surpasses the requirements for agricultural use and will be your long-term companion in and around the farm.

TP 410 Municipal

The TP 410 in the municipal version is specifically designed to meet the needs of city and local authorities. With its modern design it convinces not only the administration but also the population.

Tekniske data

Product booklet

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The high performance, new generation 3.3 litre Kubota engine enables the TP 410 to accelerate more quickly and work with greater power but with 5% lower fuel consumption.The TP 410 easily meets the requirements of the strict Euro stage V emission regulations, which makes it an interesting economic and ecological proposition.

Driving characteristics

As is typical of any Aebi vehicle, the TP 410 has excellent off-road capabilities and can be safely used on any terrain. The transporter has limited-slip differentials, a Hill-Holder function, optional skew suppression and a new braking system, all of which ensure the best possible safety and operating control in every situation. 


The updated instruments lend the panoramic driver’s cab a whole new look and give a perfect overview of all the key functions. The levers and controls for the power take-off shaft, gears and hydraulics have been kept simple and need no explanation. As a new feature, the hand throttle can now also be switched on and off electronically at the touch of a button and the speed can be controlled and saved.


Versatility increases economic operation

Aebi transporters can be used in a variety of ways. The attachments and superstructure equipment can be changed quickly and without great effort, while the variety of equipment offers all year round applications. The transporter is best utilised through worthwhile inter-company assignments to increase long-term profitability.

Aebi transporters are ideally suited to forage harvesting, while the solid construction, easy-grip all-wheel drive and low effort required for mounting attachments are strong arguments for using them in winter as well.

Municipal service

Summer service

  • Sweeper: As a truck-mounted sweeper, the TP 410 cleans streets and squares in inner-city areas.
  • Mower: The front boom flail mower enables the maintenance of roadsides and road embankments.
  • Irrigation technology: Water tank and front spray bar allow the cleaning or dust control of contaminated roads and surfaces.

Winter maintenance

The TP 410 is robustly built, powerful and manoeuvrable and ideally suited for use against snow and black ice. The four-wheel drive ensures excellent traction and, in combination with the powerful engine, offers effortless clearing of large quantities of snow.

Mounted and semi-mounted implements:

  • Multi-blade ploughs e.g. Schmidt MPC, SNK or Tarron Compact
  • Spreaders e.g. Schmidt Stratos, Schmidt Syntos
  • Front sweeping brushes can be used for removing smaller amounts of snow (Schmidt VKS 26 or Schmidt VKS 24)
  • Snowblower

Construction Industry

Thanks to its manoeuvrability, the TP 410 reaches seemingly inaccessible angles even in challenging spaces such as construction sites or narrow inner city alleys. In addition, the high payload offers a big plus.

Mounted and semi-mounted implements:

  • Three-way tipper
  • Hook lift
  • Skip loader
  • Cranes

Special tasks

  • Disposal: A waste disposal superstructure or skip ensures waste disposal in smaller communities in mountainous regions even in poor driving conditions.
  • Sewer cleaning: Sludge extraction, flushing of sewers and many other applications are made possible by the special sewer cleaning apparatus.
  • Construction of power lines: The possibility of mounting double wheels all around the vehicle brings obvious advantages when building or maintaining overhead power lines in rough terrain. The TP 410 is suitably equipped for use on slopes, while protecting the soil and climbing to even the most inaccessible places.

Loading wagons