Compact narrow-track transporter, agile sprinter and multi-functional implement carrier - the Aebi MT offers all this and more! The multi-purpose vehicle offers the advantages of a compact transporter and the versatility of a large tractor-trailer combination, thanks to the powerful and newly developed six-cylinder turbo diesel engine. With a total gross weight of up to 7,500 kg, this multi-talented and highly versatile transporter masters every challenge. And it does so safely and regardless of conditions, thanks to a panoramic cab and heated LED headlights.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Versatile multi-purpose transporter for use all year round
  • Suitable for narrow road conditions thanks to compact exterior dimensions (max. 1.70m wide)
  • Optional semi-hydrostat: Stepless operation from 0 - 20km/h, mechanical drive up to 89km/h
  • Four attachment points and quick-change system with optional lifting gear
  • Complete LED lighting as standard

Dine fordeler

  • Easily tiltable cab allows easy access to the engine compartment and ease of servicing
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the latest Euro 6e compliant engine generation
  • Interfaces for winter service equipment already integrated
  • Proven Aebi operating concept for pleasant working conditions
  • Panoramic cab and heated LED headlights enable safe working at any time of day


MT 760

The maximum load capacity of 3,800 kg and the extensive basic equipment of the MT 760 enable everyday use in all seasons. The total weight is 6,500 kg.

MT 770

The maximum load capacity of 4,800 kg and hydraulic relief at the front of the vehicle make the MT 770 a reliable partner for demanding work. The total weight is 7,500 kg.

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The driver's cab offers space for up to three people and is a perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Effective sound insultation cuts out external noise, both side windows and mirrors are operated electrically and a digital information display provides a complete overview of the current vehicle status. The MT boasts Aebi's latest easy access operating system which supports ergonomic working, and gives the driver full control of all attachments and mounted implements at the touch of a button.
For maximum comfort, an optional air-suspension driver's seat is also available.

  • panoramic cabin
  • adjustable steering column
  • proven Aebi operating concept with multifunctional joystick
  • ergonomically arranged controls
  • powerful air conditioning
  • air-suspended driver's seat (optional)

Driving characteristics


The solid and torsionally stable chassis offers increased ride comfort and reduced maintenance costs - this is ensured by the parabolic leaf springs with additional rubber dampening and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. With progressive-linear and generous suspension travel, the MT ensures convincing off-road capability. Even with strong torsion between the front and rear axles, the driving behaviour adapts to the load condition.

Braking system

The best possible control in every driving situation is particularly important. This is where the transporter scores with a dual-circuit brake system, with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and internally ventilated discs front and rear. The trailer air brake system, which is optionally available for the MT 770, guarantees a towing capacity of up to 7,000 kilograms.


With the combination of state-of-the-art braking systems, all-wheel drive and ABS, the transporter offers not only safety but also a comfortable ride, even in the most difficult conditions. The cab complies with the latest safety requirements and is crash-tested to ECE-R29 standards. The safety of other road users is ensured by a new underride guard design, which meets the latest requirements according to ECE-R58.


The Aebi MT is flexible and can be fitted with extensive and versatile hydraulic equipment which provides the easy operation of attachments and mounted implements.

Auxiliary drive

Motion hydraulics can be set up directly on the engine independently of the clutch via a gear pump. This hydraulic power can be used with up to four double-acting clutches to the front and, as an option, to the rear. All valves can be conveniently controlled from the driver's seat and offer a versatile "floating position".

Power hydraulics can be set up in addition to the motion hydraulics, with connections at the rear right as standard, and pulled to the front as an option. Depending on the clutch, up to 52kW of power can be taken from the manual gearbox and up to 80kW from the reduction gearbox to drive other systems.


The Aebi MT travels smoothly and steplessly from 0 to 20kph to enable, for example, mowing work at slow speeds - even at 100 metres per hour. However, by switching to the mechanical travel drive, speeds of up to 89kph are possible without any problems. There is no need for clutching and shifting gears in hydrostatic travel mode, which not only protects the transmission and reduces wear, but also guarantees relaxed and pleasant working. Other outstanding features of the hydrostatic drive mode are the permanent power flow between the engine and the wheels to provide very precise manoeuvrability. With the mechanical travel drive, higher speeds are possible with significant fuel savings compared to a pure hydrostatic drive, significantly increasing efficiency and economy of the vehicle.

Municipal technology & construction

The Aebi MT is highly versatile and can be used as:

  • Transporter: The high payload and the large tractive force permit the most diverse transport tasks. In addition, the semi-trailer option combines the advantages of a compact transporter with the freedom of a large tractor combination.
  • Irrigation technician: Water tanks, such as the Schmidt CSP, and a front spray bar allow the cleaning or dust control of roads and paths.
  • Three-way tipper / hook lift / interchangeable tipper / dump truck:  the Aebi MT is the perfect construction site worker, capable of transporting  a wide variety of materials with the three-way tipper while providing high levels of safety thanks to all-wheel drive and high ground clearance. The hook lift easily pulls flatbeds with small excavators or construction equipment onto the carrier vehicle and sets them down again with pinpoint accuracy. As a dump truck, the MT can be loaded and unloaded qickly and efficiently and can also be tilted for convenient emptying.
  • Crane: A crane can be mounted either directly behind the cab or at the rear of the bridge, perfect for all lifting work. Due to the wide outrigger, the crane extension reaches a considerable width despite the narrow wheelbase of the vehicle.

Summer & green space maintenance

The Aebi MT delivers fast and efficient summer maintenance:

  • Mower: With a front boom flail mower, the maintenance of road embankments is only one of many  summer applications, and the semi-hydrostatic option is ideal for this purpose.
  • Delineator washing system: Road marking delineators can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with the Schmidt RPS-H front attachment. Here, too, the semi-hydrostatic travel drive is ideal for carrying out the work effectively.

Winter maintenance

The Aebi MT is compact, powerful and versatile, making it the ideal vehicle to tackle snow and black ice. The following implement combinations are possible:

  • Single-blade snow ploughs, such as the Schmidt MPC-S 26, MPC-P 28, CP 2 or SNK 27, which are suitable for simpler clearing tasks.
  • Multi-blade ploughs, such as the Schmidt Tarron Compact MS-C 27, align perferctly with the road surface via special blade linkage systems and thus work extremely efficiently.
  • Vario ploughs, such as the Schmidt VPL, enable flexible snow clearance in inner-city areas with narrow streets, car parks and crossings.
  • Spreaders/sprayers: mounted spreaders, such as the Schmidt Stratos, Syntos or the compact CSP sprayer, are ideal for company yards, car parks, cycle paths and footpaths plus old town streets and municipal roads.
  • Front sweeping brushes: attachable sweepers, such as the Schmidt LKS, are used to remove smaller amounts of snow or coarse dirt.

Special tasks

Thanks to the wide variety of upgrade options and its highly adaptable capabilities, the Aebi MT can be used for almost any purpose - from waste disposal or sewer cleaning to civil defence or fire brigade operations.

  • Disposal & cleaning: Sweeper bodies or sweeper troughs for refuse disposal are just as possible as gully cleaners, sewer cleaning bodies or spray bars for wet cleaning of roads.
  • Civil defence operations: Equipped with a civil defence superstructure or as a rescue vehicle, the reliable and solid MT is ideal in an emergency.
  • Fire brigade operations: As an all-terrain fire-fighting vehicle with a powerful engine, the MT is quickly on the scene in the case of fire. Versatile superstructures allow the MT to fulfill many fire-fighting roles, such as portable water pump vehicle, small fire-fighting vehicle, or tank fire-fighting vehicle, while the optional double cab provides up to six seats.