Compact narrow-track transporter, agile fast runner and all-purpose carrier vehicle - all combined in one vehicle, the Aebi MT. The versatile transporter meets wide-ranging requirements and, by offering a semi-trailer option, combines the benefits of a compact transporter with the utility of a large tractor-trailer combination. The optionally available semi-hydrostatic drive further increases the operational capability of this universal implement carrier. Experience a new driving sensation when working slowly - but also enjoy high speeds with low fuel consumption.


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Versatile multi-functional transporter for use in all seasons
  • Suitable for narrow roads thanks to compact external dimensions (max. 1.70 m)
  • With a top speed of 89km/h (55mph) driving on motorways and expressways is easily possible
  • Four mounting spaces and quick-change system with optional lifting gear

Dine fordeler

  • Optional semi-hydrostat: Continuously variable from 0 - 20 km/h (12mph) mechanical driving up to 89 km/h (55mph) 
  • Service-friendly thanks to easily tiltable cab and easy access to the engine compartment
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the latest generation engines and Eco-Drive


MT 740

The MT 740 supports you in your daily work with its powerful 80 kW engine and 4020 kg payload.

MT 750

With 115 kW, the 6-cylinder diesel engine delivers enough power for even the most demanding tasks you have for the MT 750. The unsurpassed payload of 4800 kg makes the MT 750 THEvehicle for all tasks.


Powerful, efficient and clean. The new generation of engines based on the Euro 6C standard with 109hp or 156hp delivers a powerful drive.


The innovative traction drive combines the advantages of both a hydrostatic and a mechanical traction drive. The Aebi MT has a variable-speed drive from 0 to 20 km/h, making mowing at slow speeds child’s play – even at 100 metres per hour the Aebi MT moves smoothly and with variable-speed drive. By switching to the mechanical traction drive, speeds of up to 89 km/h (55mph) become possible without problem. 

The Semi-Hydrostat has many advantages: working at slow speeds is possible without additional investment. There is no need to use the clutch and gear box when in hydrostatic driving mode. This is not only easy on the gear box and reduces wear but also ensures that working with the vehicle is relaxed and comfortable.

Other outstanding properties of the hydrostatic operating range are the permanent power flow between the engine and the wheels, and precise manoeuvrability. When using the mechanical traction drive, higher speeds and significant fuel savings are possible compared to a purely hydrostatic drive.

Driving characteristics


The solid and flexible chassis has elliptical front suspension and parabolic rear suspension with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers front and rear. Front and rear stabilisers are also installed as standard. Thanks to the long springs, the Aebi MT masters even strong torsion between the front and back axles without a problem.

Braking system

The dual-circuit braking system with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and internally ventilated brake discs front and rear offers full control in every driving situation.


Safety for the driver and passengers is a standard feature of the vehicles; the cab, with space for three occupants, meets all of the current legal requirements and has been crash-tested in accordance with ECE-R 29. In combination with the latest braking systems, the MT offers not only comfort but, more importantly, ensures a safe drive, even in the most testing conditions.


The Aebi MT’s cab has space for up to three people and is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Noise from outside is reduced, the side windows are operated electronically and the digital instrument panel - with speedometer, rev counter, fuel gauge, temperature display, kilometre display, digital information display and 21 indicator lights - ensures full control. In addition, the gearstick, brake lever and comprehensive control panel are in the optimum position for the driver. For maximum comfort, an optional air suspension driver’s seat can be installed.

  • panoramic cabin
  • adjustable steering column
  • new Smart Navigator
  • ergonomically arranged operating elements
  • air-sprung driver’s seat (option)
  • footrest and more legroom


The Aebi MT can optionally be equipped with a comprehensive hydraulic system, which enables simple operation of attachments and implements via a joystick.

Auxiliary drive

A gear pump can be attached directly to the motor, allowing for the installation of movement hydraulics, independent from the clutch, with up to 4x double-acting clutches forwards and, optionally, backwards. A single-acting valve is also integrated into the movement hydraulics for the tipper body. All valves can be controlled via the Smart Navigator and offer the versatile "float position".

In addition to the movement hydraulics, performance hydraulics with a capacity of 50litres at 180bar can be installed. The ports are located at the back right and can optionally be moved forward. The performance hydraulics are fitted with pressure, return and overflow oil lines. Up to 52kW can be drawn from a manual gearbox and up to 80kW from a reduction gearbox, dependent on the clutch, via the pump.

Winter maintenance

Aebi MT vehicles are compact, powerful and versatile – making them the perfect vehicles for combating snow and ice.

  • Single-blade snow ploughs: such as the Schmidt FFL 24, CPL 24, MCP-S 26, MCP-P 28, CPM 27, CP 2 or SNK 27 are suitable for simple clearing operations, especially in urban areas.
  • Multi-blade snow ploughs: such as the Schmidt Tarron Compact MS C 27 adapt to the road surface in the best possible way thanks to the special blade control system and therefore have a particularly low environmental impact.
  • Vario snow ploughs: variable wedge-shaped snow ploughs such as the Schmidt KL-V 24 enable flexible snow clearing in towns and cities on narrow roads, in car parks and at junctions.
  • Spreaders/sprayers: classic areas where de-mountable spreaders such as the Schmidt Stratos or Syntos can be used are smaller areas such as depots, car parks, cycle paths, footpaths, narrow streets in old towns and municipal roads.
  • Front-mounted sweeping equipment: such as the Schmidt VKS 22 or VKS 24 V can be used to remove smaller amounts of snow and coarse dirt from large areas.

MT 740

  • Stratos F13L - 23
  • Stratos F17 - 23
  • Stratos/Syntos 11 - 18 N
  • CSP 1000

MT 750

  • Stratos F17 - 23
  • Stratos/Syntos 11 - 21 N
  • CSP 1000

Municipal technology & Construction

As varied as your requirements

  • Transporter: The high load capacity and the great pulling power enable a wide range of different transport assignments to be performed. In addition, the option of adding a semi-trailer combines the advantages of a compact transporter with the freedom of a large tractor/trailer combination.
  • Watering technology: Water tanks such as the Schmidt CSP or TSS and a spray bar on the front make it possible to clean or combat dust on roads and water-bound pathways.
  • Three-way tipper/hook lift/roll-off tipper: The transportation of a wide range of different construction materials in the three-way tipper plus four wheel drive and large ground clearance, makes the Aebi MT the perfect construction vehicle. Flat-beds with a mini-excavator or loaded with construction equipment can be placed onto the carrier vehicle by the hook lift and then transported to the construction site. As well as simple flat-beds, bridge/crane combinations can also be set up using the hook lift.
  • Cranes: Variations for crane units are behind the cab or at the back on the bridge. The vehicle can be loaded and unloaded and crane work is possible. Due to its wide support, the crane can extend out a considerable distance.
  • Skip loaders: Skips can be loaded and unloaded, and can also be easily emptied.

Summer services and green space maintenance

  • Mower: The front boom flail mower makes maintaining embankments at the side of the road very straightforward. The Aebi MT with the semi-hydrostatic option is ideally suited for this.
  • Delineator post washing system: Delineator posts are cleaned quickly and efficiently with the Schmidt RPS-H front attachment. The semihydrostatic drive is an ideal option here, too.

Special tasks

Since Aebi MT vehicles can be used with a wide variety of different attachments and adapted individually, they can be used for almost any conceivable purpose. The vehicles are great for refuse collection or sewer cleaning and are even valued by the civil defence sector and fire brigade as “little all-rounders”.

  • Waste disposal and cleaning: Refuse attachment or refuse trough for removing refuse are possible options, along with gulley cleaners, drain cleaning attachments or spray bars for the wet cleaning of roads.
  • Protection and rescue: Equipped with a civil protection structure or as a rescue vehicle, deployment in an emergency is guaranteed with the MT.
  • Fire fighting technology: As an all-terrain fire-fighting vehicle with a powerful engine, the Aebi MT is quickly on the spot in case of fire. Variations include portable fire-fighting vehicle with water, small fire-fighting vehicle, fire engine or tank fire-fighting vehicle, plus an optionally available double cab with up to six seats.