Nido | Stratos B50-30 VESN 490

Offer number: UM0002068
Merke nido
Mat.-Nr.: 1315021-6
Year of manufacture: 04/2016
Serial number: S3B10390 S3B10391 S3B10327 S3B10392 S3B10385
Running hours: 5 h
Classification: Machine will be a demo unit
Color: deep orange
Location: 7451 PJ Holten
Availability: 23 okt 2020
Price: 21 000 EUR

Machine details

Offered spreaders are built for the US market and new on stock, cleaned and inspected. All offered spreader units are rebuilt to European standard (hydraulic couplings, pre-wet system couplings) and the display will show liter and meter. Due to the RoRo system, the unit will be perfect for tipper, where you cannot remove the side walls.


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