Thinking ahead and acting in a responsible manner

Thinking ahead and acting in a responsible manner are the main pillars of the ASH Group’s economic success, which is why sustainability is firmly embedded in the corporate strategy and integrated throughout the value chain.


Sustainability is also one of the top priorities of our customers. They pay very close attention to the environmental performance and fuel consumption of our vehicles and equipment. For instance,  the trend goes towards spaying and spreading mixtures that contain less salt and more brine. The European standard for spreaders and the distribution of spreading material is  entitled EN 15597-2 and will take effect in spring 2018. We believe that this trend will continue – and we will keep up with it. Our Combi Flex spreader, for example, features an improved spreading quality, saves salt and thereby protects the environment.


The goal of the ASH Group: making our customers successful, not least by promoting the model of circular economy.


Reducing fuel consumption and the related CO2 emissions has become a critical success factor in tendering. Electric motors are increasingly sought after by municipalities, cities and airports. In response to that, we were working flat out on the first fully electric and zero-emission sweeper in the year under review, which will be launched on the market in 2018.


However, the requirements of our customers are not confined to sustainable products, but also relate to sustainable business management: energy and waste management at the production facilities as well as social aspects for employees and the society. For example, some countries are calling for the employment of people who are at a disadvantage in the labour market.


Challenges, opportunities and use of sustainability

In the near future, we see ourselves facing a growing scarcity of natural resources, especially in Europe. Besides the negative effect economic activities may have on the global climate change, these activities are using up raw materials. This is one of the reasons why many governments support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and why the issue of renewability is of crucial significance.


The ASH Group has made environmental and social responsibility its mission for several years, because what is good for our environment and the society is also good for business. Lean production processes and the modular design of products, local suppliers, high-quality and durable products and the support of our customers with the efficient use of our machines result in less wastage, reduced CO2 emissions and lower social costs.


The goal of the ASH Group: making our customers successful, not least by promoting the model of circular economy. By joining forces with our clients, we can gradually make our world a better place. The most important resource, people and their inventive spirit, must be treated according to the same principle. Sustainable employment and circular economy go hand in hand.


Our priorities and goals in the field of sustainability

For the ASH Group, sustainability also means a real market advantage, because it allows us to stand out against our competitors. And it is also an essential element of our long-term vision – alongside innovate products, a broad range of services and committed employees


We set the following priorities in sustainability:


  • The introduction of the EC, Aebi’s electric implement carrier, will now be followed by the introduction of the E-generation with the eSwingo electric sweeper and other products with an electric drive.
  • A photovoltaic system is planned to be installed on the buildings in Holten in 2018.
  • In the Netherlands, we will be launching a circularity project with students, where various business models and the lifecycles of various products will be calculated.
  • We will continue to support our customers in achieving their sustainability KPIs. Depending on the case, this means re-manufacturing, retrofitting or prolonging the service life of their machines and equipment.
  • Our product range is to comply with the concept of circular economy in the long term.


We will continue to consistently follow the course we have chosen: efficiency in our machines, efficiency in production and efficiency in customer service. Once implemented in all locations, this will enhance the sustainability of our company.


Barend Fruithof