Aebi Schmidt Holding AG is owned by the following shareholders:


PCS Holding AG, Switzerland (owner: Peter Spuhler) 54 %
Gebuka AG, Switzerland (owner: Dr. Gero Büttiker) 35 %
Aebi Schmidt Holding AG, Barend Fruithof 8 %
Other Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board 3 %



The fully paid-up equity capital of Aebi Schmidt Holding AG amounts to CHF 27,932,000 and is subdivided into 2,793,200 registered shares, each with a nominal amount of CHF 10. Each registered share constitutes one vote at the general meeting. All shares entitle to share in profits. There is neither approved nor conditional capital. The transfer of shares, whether for ownership or usufruct, is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The approval can be withheld for a good cause. The equity capital has remained unchanged since 4 July 2007.