IntelliOPS Airport

Transparent information on your airport operations

As managing authority of an airport, you have one predominant goal: keeping the airport safe and accessible at all times. This is why you use all the resources at your disposal to keep your airport as clean and safe as possible. The IntelliOPS airport functionality gives you full insight in the airport winter maintenance operations as well as the sweeping activities on air- and landside. Work done or pending, you will have a clear overview of all work in any given situation.


How it works

Each machine is fitted with GPS and a data controller. The data con­troller collects all kind of activity data like location, operation mode, driving speed, amount of de-icing material, working width and so on. The retrieved activity data is then transferred to a secure cloud-based environment.


Immediate insights

The IntelliOPS application enables immediate evaluation of a machine’s performance. Activity data from machines can be shown on different maps in real time. The different activities (driving, spreading, spraying, ploughing, sweeping etc.) are colour-coded. This allows you to precisely control all your activities on runways, taxiways and aprons.


Informative reports

The reporting function enables you to review the de-icing or swept surfaces, monitor the actual de-icing agent consumption and create a comprehensive activity report with suggestions for improvement. The activities can be analysed based on pre-defined geofences, such as runways, taxiways and aprons.


Analyses and improvements

The application offers a wide range of graphs and charts that provide detailed information about all the activities. Easy-to-understand and detailed summaries are available too and can be customised to suit your individual requirements. You can thus optimise your operational activities and provide accurate reports as a basis for invoicing contractors.


Application features:

  • Easy-to-understand reports on operating times, material usage and stock levels
  • All machine data is available online, regardless of the time and place
  • Live monitoring of your de-icing, snow clearance and sweeping activities
  • Valuable insights into your airport operational activities as a whole
  • Legally compliant documentation


Your benefits:

  • Optimised work processes
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced demand for de-icing agents
  • Lower fuel consumption


IntelliOPS complies with a number of operating data acquisition standards, including EN 15430-1, so the data for all vehicle brands can be processed in a central application.