Economical and safer

Adjusting the spreading density to actual weather and driving conditions is highly important. When temperatures are low, it is necessary to spread more salt to achieve the same thawing effect. However, in practice, it is almost impossible to react to these circumstances manually, which often results in the need to spread more than the necessary amount of salt. The Thermologic system continually and automatically adjusts the dosage to the road temperature. Precise dosage not only saves resources but also increases road safety and reduces environmental impact.


Fully automatic and lightning fast

The infrared ThermoLogic system continually measures the road temperature and transmits it to the ES control system. The dosage system responds, within a split second, to the temperature variations registered and adjusts the dosage accordingly. The deciding factor for correct dosage is not just the road temperature, but also the prevailing weath er conditions.


The driver selects the appropriate weather type:

• Dew/hoar frost
• Moist
• Wet
• Snow


According to the road temperature measured and the selected weather type, the ThermoLogic system automatically determines the dosage.


Preventive spreading

In the context of preventive spreading, the driver is able to set the expected temperature drop (offset temperature). The automatic dosage adjustment is carried out on the basis of the measured road temperature minus the expected temperature drop.


ThermoLogic system advantages

  • The system is suitable for every spreading and spraying scenario (dry, pre-wetted, spraying and spraying with salt)
  • The digital, fast response system adjusts the dosage more frequently and faster than manually possible
  • There is a substantial reduction in the amount of spreading material used (ca. 15%)
  • Economical spreading means reduced environmental impact
  • Less spreading material means lower costs
  • Road safety is increased because colder areas are spread more intensively
  • The driver is free to concentrate on driving
  • Operating mistakes are minimal
  • The additional selection of the AutoLogic system makes the entire spreading system automatic

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