Just in time for the Agrama 2010 - Three new top-rank products by Aebi

Agrama Bern 2011
Agrama Bern, 25. - 29.11.2010

Agrama Bern 2011



By introducing its three new products at the Agrama 2010, Aebi lays the foundation stone for further success stories. The new state-of-the-art factory delivers three new top-of-the-line products just in time for the most important Swiss trade fair for agricultural engineering.


Aebi TP460 – Even more power

Aebi Transporter

The new Aebi TP460 transporter does not only exhibit the same excellent characteristics as its predecessor but is its consistent further development. The new engine complies with the 3A emission standard and the considerably increased torque provides another substantial increase in performance. The modern cockpit with multifunctional control lever, the reliable on-board electronic system, the fantastic driving comfort and the increased payload impart this transporter the uncontested prime position. The hydraulic system is controlled at the touch of a button. The driver’s cab is flexibly mounted. The advanced dashboard accommodates a screen, via which the driver is able to have all important data displayed. The heating and defrosting systems are fitted as standard and an automatic air-conditioning system is optionally available. Most of the functions are actuated at the touch of a button via the multifunctional control lever with two multiple switches or the field-tested membrane keyboard. The all-wheel steering providing the possibility to switch over to front, rear and quasi-crab steering modes is optionally available. The Detroit Diesel VM R754IE3 turbo engine exhibits a cubic capacity of 2970 cm³ and generates 74 kW (101 HP). Transmission: 4-speed transmission equipped with stages, half gears and reverse gears (16/16 gears). Experience, continuous further developments and the use of state-of-the-art technologies: this is what we rely on. The new transporter Aebi TP460 is a product of this philosophy. The excellent chassis, the increased payload, the reduced fuel consumption, the increased performance and the substantially reduced engine noise in the driver’s cab are real advancements. Aebi - Strong through innovations.



Aebi TT275 – Intelligent power control

Aebi Terratrac TT275

Clearly recognisable from the outside by the new roof with integrated working lamps, the innovative improvements can be found under the engine hood, in the electronic equipment and in the cockpit, visible on the multifunctional control lever. The new Terratrac Aebi TT275 is the absolute top-drawer in the top-range sector and now exhibits a performance of more than 100 HP. The VM turbo diesel engine complies with the 3A emission standard, generates 74 kW (101 HP) and exhibits an enormous torque of 420 Nm, which is already available at an engine speed of only 1000 rpm. The torque increase amounts to incredible 54%. During road operation in ECO-drive mode, the engine has a rotational speed of only 1800 rpm at a driving speed of 40 km/h. As a result of this, the fuel consumption is reduced and the engine runs extremely smoothly. The driver is now able to enjoy music in the driver’s cab at normal volume. The hydrostatic wheel drive is electronically controlled and exhibits a downstream 2-speed transmission. Four driving programmes can be selected: road operation ECO-drive / mowing / snow cutting / proportional. The electronic system automatically adapts the driving speed to the required performance. The speed is reduced when mowing large amounts of crop and immediately increased again when mowing little amounts of crop, without the driver having to intervene. The most important functions of the TT275 are actuated via the new multifunctional control lever. The key functions of the multifunctional control lever can be configured individually and customer-specifically. By means of the TipTronic, the lever can be split up into six steps and the various speed ranges activated by the touch of a button. The maximum reduction of the engine speed can be adjusted in order to work within the optimum range and thus save fuel. The Terratrac Aebi TT275 is undoubtedly the uncontested flagship among the steep-slope implement carriers. The interaction of the engine performance and the application, optimised by an intelligent electronic system, is really smart. This Terratrac is capable of «thinking» and the driver is thus able to fully focus on steering. The operational and driving comfort has once again been improved considerably and at the same time provides for reduced fuel consumption. Aebi – The fine-tuned advanced technology.


Aebi CC36 – Firm grip on steep slopes

Aebi Combicut CC36

The specifications were lightweight, modern, reliable and cost-effective. The new Combicut Aebi CC36 outstandingly complies with these requirements. This hill mower has been designed for safe, comfortable and light application on sloping terrain. The technology and the outstanding characteristics have been derived from the two larger and thousand-fold proved Combicut Aebi CC56 and CC66. By introducing this new model, Aebi has now complemented its compact Combicut product range with hydrostatic wheel drive and active steering. The Combicut Aebi CC36 exhibits a stepless hydrostatic wheel drive, which can be operated with the thumb in forward (0-8 km/h) and reverse (0-4 km/h) directions. Three types of steering can be selected: active steering with minimum effort via the handlebars or the steering levers next to the handles and manual steering via fixed handlebars. The height adjustment of the steering arm is finely graduated. The CC36 is driven by the new Basco-Vanguard 10HP petrol engine with a cubic capacity of 305 cm³. Using the agricultural tyres, the minimum machine width is only 750 mm. Tyres with terra profile, twin wheels, wheel spacers, cage wheels, double cage wheels or sprocket wheels are additionally available for the application on sloping terrain. The Aebi quick-fit connector system for the easy mounting of various attachments has remained unchanged and makes the CC36 a real multi-purpose machine. The basic equipment is extensive and the list of options thus short: brake combined with wheel lock-out, working lamps as well as the individual additional tyres can be ordered separately. The Combicut Aebi CC36 exhibits a great deal of outstanding characteristics, which facilitate the hard work on steep slopes. Thanks to the favourable purchase price, the investment in state-of-the-art and reliable technology as well as in excellent comfort will also rapidly pay off for smaller companies.