“Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2010” - High spirits for Aebi and Stadler

Bright sunshine, tremendous festive atmosphere and high-level wrestling characterised the large event attended by 250,000 visitors. Aebi, as major co-sponsor together with Peter Spuhler’s company Stadler, seized the opportunity to show presence at the festival site with some 40 Aebi machines.


As early as on Friday at the procession, the convoy of Aebi vehicles was acknowledged with spontaneous applause, since the passing was virtually celebrated like a “ballet”. Led by a ball-bearing mower from the 30ies, which was drawn by two thoroughbred horses, a shaft-driven trailer, a Terratrac and a Transporter followed as additional historical Aebi vehicles. Three-point turns in the smallest of spaces and drives on slopes in crab steering mode of the subsequently passing current high-tech vehicles of Aebi excited much admiration among the great number of spectators at the roadside.

During the two festival days Aebi spoiled its 1000 guests with food and beverages in the restaurant “Kanönli” specifically refashioned for this occasion. On both days Peter Spuhler and Walter T. Vogel , CEO of the Aebi Schmidt Group, welcomed the guests shortly before noon; afterwards they fostered personal contacts. The mood was excellent throughout the whole event. Furthermore, interested guests were allowed to perform test drives with Terratrac, Transporter or Viatrac vehicles on the specifically prepared test grounds and received competent expert advice from the technicians of Aebi.

All over the entire festival area, Aebi additionally presented a cross-section of its product range. Two Terratrac vehicles standing on racks in 100% inclination in front of the wrestling stadium raised special attention. Several Viatrac, Terratrac and Transporter vehicles of Aebi were a great help with logistics and waste disposal and two MFH road sweepers provided for a clean festival area in nighttime operation.

The focus of attention, however, was the wrestlers, who demonstrated excellent sports and were accordingly acknowledged with applause by the 47,000 in attendance. Aebi, as a traditional company from Bern, was especially enthusiastic about Wenger Kilian from Bern, who won all eight rounds and thus became the supreme Wrestler King 2010.

At the end of a grand Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2010 in Frauenfeld, Walter T. Vogel presented the Charolais cow “Miss Aebi” in the name of the Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik and Stadler Rail Group to the Swiss wrestler, Schuler Christian, who took the excellent sixth last place.

Wrestling tradition and a company like Aebi - a perfect combination. Both preserve their values, are absolutely dependable and strong. Moreover, Aebi received straight “ten points” in Frauenfeld, since the presence was outstanding, pleasant and really great.