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The ASH Group presents new product solutions and the digital trends of the future at the inter airport Europe 2017.

When it comes to the efficient cleaning and clearing of snow from airport circulation areas, aircraft operators all over the world place their confidence in products from Schmidt. At its outdoor stand (D30) at the inter airport Europe in Munich, the company will present an upgrade to its product range: a new, multifunctional jet sweeper with de-icer (Schmidt CJS-DI) and the latest generation of airport sprayers (Schmidt ASP). At “ASH Innovation Wall” visitors can expect to find the digital trends of today and tomorrow: The experts from ASH will present both the smart use of data and information on the basis of DMi (Data Mining Innovators) telematics solutions and also provide exclusive insights into a future with autonomous jet sweepers on airport circulation areas. As an interactive highlight, the visitors can take their place in the driver’s seat of the Schmidt TJS-C jet sweeper in the ASH training simulator and try out the next snow clearing operation for themselves.

For airport managers, winter weather provides fresh challenges each and every year: unlike skiing resorts, for airport circulation areas and their general operations, snow and black ice aren’t a source of enjoyment, but naturally represent a considerable danger. To prevent flights from being delayed or cancelled, runways, taxiways, aircraft stands and all the other key areas of the airport have to remain free from snow at all times. At a 700 m² outdoor location (stand D30) at the inter airport 2017 in Munich from 10th – 13th October, the ASH Group will present its latest innovations and digital highlights: 

The latest concept from Schmidt – the multifunctional CJS-DI jet sweeper

The Schmidt CJS-DI is a compact jet sweeper which is equipped with an additional truck-mounted spreader/sprayer. Designed according to the modular principle, based on the customers’ requirements, it is possible to choose between a truck-mounted spreader or sprayer or a combination attachment. This makes the Schmidt CJS-DI a multifunctional machine which reliably clears aircraft stands, taxiways and runways, achieves an efficient removal of snow at high clearing speeds and de-ices surfaces at the same time. The modularity also gives the customer the opportunity to achieve different spraying widths, with the spraying bars that cover the width of the vehicle, for example. It is attached to a conventional truck chassis on a compact basis, and therefore enables the utmost manoeuvrability in narrow areas. Thanks to its hydro-pneumatic chassis, the Schmidt CJS-DI also provides the driver with additional comfort during operations. Due to the intuitive operation with an integrated control panel and colour graphic display, the plough, blower unit and truck-mounted sprayer/spreader can be controlled on a synchronous basis. The parameters are adjustable on a customer-specific basis, so the driver can focus fully on the driving and the best possible clearing performance is achieved. The arrangement of the components has also been optimised. These developments enable the airport to benefit from lower service times. “The Schmidt CJS-DI doesn’t only offer advantages in terms of its functionality, airports also achieve a double benefit from a financial perspective,” explains Rudi Rosenkamp, CCO Dealer & Airport. “Our airport customers save on having to buy and equip a second truck. At the same time, their staff training costs are lower because they have a uniform fleet that everyone can operate. The airports can also make their service and maintenance processes more efficient and optimise their stock of spare parts.”   


Schmidt ASP – the latest airport sprayer technology

Schmidt has over 30 years of experience in the field of airport sprayers. True to the motto of “cutting-edge technology as a matter of principle”, the Schmidt ASP series has been completely redeveloped in time for the inter airport 2017. The high-quality sprayer ensures the rapid, exact and precise application of de-icing agents. The Schmidt ASP can be used for the preventative and curative prevention of ice on runways, taxiways and aprons. The stable design of the spraying arms allows for working speeds of up to 45 km/h; they also withstand emergency braking. The closely arranged nozzles ensure overlapping spraying results and therefore full surface coverage. The spraying arms take less than 30 seconds to fold out, which is also possible when driving. This means the machine can go into use in the shortest of time. The spraying arms can also be retracted during operations so as to avoid obstacles and prevent damage to the system. The system convinces with the latest control technology: the precise position of the spraying arms is shown on the display. This enables collisions to be avoided, and during operations, the driver has an exact overview of the spraying work at all times. The integrated AirportLogic reduces the consumption of the spray, ensuring the optimum dosing of the de-icing agent. Rudi Rosenkamp, CCO Dealer & Airport: “Taking a responsible approach to the environment requires the considered use of resources, such as the precise dosing of de-icing agents and minimising their use. This can also be achieved by using automatic spraying systems which work on an exceptionally efficient basis due to their precise dosing. It also means the monitoring of operations with the use of management information systems. Our control systems are already compatible with systems of that kind.”


Cleanliness comes first – the Schmidt AS 990 truck-mounted jet sweeper

In addition to the challenges of winter services and the topic of energy efficiency, airport operators have another important task: keeping traffic areas clean and reducing FOD (foreign object debris) to the minimum on all surfaces. The ASH Group has the suitable equipment for these purposes. The Schmidt AS 990 high performance jet sweeper, which has been especially developed for use at airports, is available with a hopper volume of 9m³ and achieves a working speed of up to 40 km/h during sweeping operations. With a sweeping width of up to 3.5 metres, the machine is ideally aligned to the specialist requirements of aircraft operations. The Schmidt AS 990 can be used in an exceptional variety of applications such as the clearing of debris, the removal of grass cuttings and leaves and the removal of liquids and/or glycol, etc. A glycol-additive-water mix is used for de-icing and sprayed on aircraft to prevent the development of frost. So that it can adhere to surfaces, it has a very high degree of viscosity. This material also has the same effect on the de-icing pads, which is the name of the airport surfaces at which the de-icing of the airports takes place. Here, the Schmidt AS 990 removes the remaining glycol and empties it in specialist disposal tanks. 


Ready for the future

In line with the motto of “Work smart! Schmidt – the partner to your digital future.”, visitors can expect to find exciting information on the digital trends of the future. At the Innovation Wall, experts from ASH Group will provide first-hand information about autonomous jet sweepers and telematics solutions from DMi (Data Mining Innovators). The ASH Group is convinced that automated jet sweepers will set new standards in the areas of safety, ecology and efficiency in the future. And in line with the motto of “start knowing, stop guessing”, our experts from DMi will be presenting innovative airport report solutions for an economically efficient and reliable airport. As an interactive highlight, in collaboration with Volvo, the ASH Group will also present a training simulator. Visitors can take their place in the driver’s seat of a Schmidt TJS-C jet sweeper and simulate a live snow clearing operation.


The colleagues from the Service International team are also looking forward to meeting the visitors. The team is available to support customers from more than 80 different countries, 365 days a year. At the Innovation Wall at outdoor stand D30, exciting stories and interesting discussions are guaranteed.

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