ASH Group presents lot of new products at Suisse Public and Demopark

From 16 - 19 of June Suisse Public in Bern and from 21 to 23 June Demopark in Eisenach will take part. A lot of exhibitors will present technology and machines for use around the year in the areas of municipal service, lawn maintenance and landscaping. Nowhere is this summer and winter so close together, such as at the booth of ASH Group because: products from Aebi and Schmidt are ready for use with various attachments and superstructures for all seasons.

Premiere for new Aebi Combicut

The family of Aebi Combicuts welcome a new member: the Aebi CC66 is now available with an engine variant of 23 hp. The CC66 is, in addition to the 18 hp model, now available in an even more powerful version. The new 2-cylinder version with 627 cm3 and infinitely variable hydrostatic drive is an ideal partner, especially for performance-intensive and broad attachments such as mower or snowblower. The hallmark of Combicut models is the new Aebi CC66 easy handling and intelligent, technical concept. Even with broad attachments, the Combicut can be moved thanks to the hydrostatic power steering intuitively and without much effort. U-turns around its own axis and in confined spaces are no problem. Also, the "Automatic Drive Control" (ADC), is on board on option. This ensures, for example, that the driving pace with increasing amount of snow automatically reduced when snowblowers, and then to increase with less snow without intervention by the driver again.

The newly developed mower with integrated safety clutch offers the following benefits:

+ Increased ratchet torque

+ Modular design

+ Low-wear

+ Low-maintenance

+ Integrated into all Aebi mowers

Also available from June 2015 on is a new Schmidt Traxos in a smaller version of 0,5 m3 and 0,8 m3 and a new version of Schmidt Stratos – now with 7 – 9 m3 volume.

We would like to welcome you at Suisse Public and Demopark  Experience our new products first hand.





New Aebi Combicut CC66 with 23 hp.


Has a new highperformance suction nozzle where you can reduce CO2 and costs for fuel  - the Schmidt Swingo 200+


Now available for extreme steep slopes - the Aebi TT280 with overhead winch.



The new Schmidt Stratos is now available with 7 - 9 m3 volume.


Aebi MT Transporter offers a wide range of options and implements for winter or summer.



A new hydrostatic traction drive of the MFH CS550 allows to reduce engine speed so that wastage of fuel can be reduced up to 15%.


Innovation inside - the new Koanda recirculation system of the MFH CS250 reduces the output of fine dust up to 95%.