Paolo Fancelli wins the Swiss Design Prize 2009 with the Viatrac Aebi VT450

Aebi VT450
Aebi VT450

For many decades, designers have been involved from the outset  in the development of Aebi high-tech vehicles and lend the machines a unique, modern and striking appearance. Bursting with power, proud, and as down to earth as a bull – take a closer look at the Viatrac Aebi VT450.


The long-established and intensive partnership between Aebi & Co. AG Farm and Public Works Equipment, Burgdorf and the designer Paolo Fancelli has been acknowledged with the award of the Swiss Design Prize 2009 in the category Market.

The vehicle possesses outstanding technical characteristics, can be operated off-road and on hillsides and may be used all year round thanks to a wide range of implements and attachments. Many communes and building companies are putting this versatility to good use. The Viatrac was designed especially with this market in mind.

From the outside, the vehicle radiates robustness and dynamism. Inside, a refined atmosphere prevails. Thanks to an ingenious interplay of concentric circles, the designer has succeeded in creating a clearly laid out and enveloping cockpit.

Paolo Fancelli obtained his inspiration for the Aebi Viatrac design from the bull since even as a boy he drew the comparison between the red Aebi Transporters and the grazing animals on the steep mountain meadows. Yet not dull and stolid however, but with elegant lines, thought out to the very last detail, that characterise the front of the machine, spirited, attractive and appealing. The maestro has done a great job, reflected in the prize awarded to this Fancelli design.

Paolo Fancelli who hails from Ticino has run his own design studio in Zurich for 10 years. He has gained an international reputation through the design of tools, precision instruments and office chairs, among them the top selling swivel chair in Europa from the Swiss company Stoll Giroflex. In the consumer goods field, he designs watch straps and carried out the redesign of the red Wenger pocket knife.

Winning the Swiss Design Prize 2009 with the Viatrac Aebi VT450 is a further major highlight in Paolo Fancelli’s career. Aebi Burgdorf would like to congratulate him on this splendid success and is truly proud of its designer. Aebi – cutting-edge technology with cutting-edge design. 


Aebi Schmidt
In April 2007 the shareholders of the Aebi Group (Burgdorf, CH) and the Schmidt Group (St. Blasien, D) approved a merger of their companies. The majority shareholder of the new Group is Peter Spuhler.

Aebi (Burgdorf) is the leading manufacturer of specialist vehicles for the mechanised cultivation and maintenance of extremely steep slopes and particularly demanding terrain, as well as for the cleaning/clearing of the traffic infrastructure during all seasons of the year.

Schmidt, with production locations in Germany, Holland and Poland, is leader in winter services engineering (snow clearing machines, snowploughs and spreaders), in summer services engineering (road sweepers, public works machines and road repair vehicles), in airport engineering (snow clearance, combating ice and sweeping technology), in railway engineering (snow clearing) and in vehicle engineering (electronics and software, equipment and hydraulics and vehicle conversions).


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