ASH Aebi Schmidt: First-rate technology for the municipal area

At the trade show Suisse Public 2011 in Bern, Switzerland, ASH Aebi Schmidt is presenting a representative cross-section of its wide range of vehicles and equipment for municipal application. Whether it is for winter service, road cleaning or landscaping - Aebi Schmidt offers innovative technical solutions and the related services.

New high-tech products and clever technical improvements are the centre of attention.

The municipal transporter Viatrac Aebi VT450 glides smoothly over uneven surfaces and handles rough terrain with ease. The newly developed front and rear-axle hydro-pneumatic individual suspension delivers ultimate performance, giving the vehicle the driving comfort of an off-roader. The 98 HP turbo diesel engine guarantees powerful propulsion. In the state-of-the-art cockpit, a multitude of functions can be programmed via the on-board computer and operated at the push of a button. High-performance hydraulics, front lifting gear and creep-speed transmission (8/8) are now also available. A snow blower, flail mower and other front-mounted additional equipment increase its fields of application even more, now making the municipal transporter Viatrac Aebi VT450 also perfect to take on typical Trac tasks.


The new steep-slope implement carrier Terratrac Aebi TT275 is instantly recognizable from the outside by its roof featuring integrated service headlamps. It boasts 101 HP and, most notably, an intelligent electronic system. With its infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, the Terratrac Aebi TT275 is ideal for use on steep slopes, highly manoeuvrable, soil-conserving and extremely versatile. Four drive programmes can be selected: road driving ECO-drive / mowing / snow cutting / proportional. The ADC (automatic drive control) exactly adjusts the driving speed to the performance requirements of the individual tasks. When the amount of snow increases during snow blowing operations, the speed of the vehicle is reduced and accelerated again as soon as the snow volume decreases, without the driver having to intervene. All essential functions can be controlled with the new multifunctional control lever featuring multiple switches. The keys of the multifunctional control lever can be individually assigned and configured by the operator. Using the Tiptronic, the drive lever can be split up into six steps, making it possible to select the individual speed ranges at the push of a button. This Terratrac is capable of “thinking”, so that the driver can fully focus on steering the vehicle.


The new Combicut Aebi CC36 with its infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, 10 HP and active steering using handlebars or a convenient hand lever represents an affordable municipal single-axle vehicle that offers outstanding driving comfort. Quick fittings make it possible to easily switch between a wide range of attachments without using any tools.

The field-tested Combicut Aebi CC66 now also comes with optional ADC (automatic drive control). This unique innovation automatically controls the travel speed. Whenever the load increases during operations with the flail mower, the travel speed is reduced, and as soon as the load becomes lighter again, the Combicut returns to the previously set speed without the driver’s intervention.  With its infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, active steering, a quiet-running high-performance 18 HP engine and the new ADC feature, the Combicut Aebi CC66 offers outstanding operational convenience.


The MFH2500 road sweeper for inner city and wide-range rural use now comes equipped with a Euro 5 engine. The unique KOANDA suction system prevents the release of harmful particulate matter to a large extent. This innovative and eco-friendly feature is standard equipment and enables sweeping at 5° below zero, making the MFH2500 and its larger counterpart, the MFH5500, virtually the cleanest and most advanced sweepers in the world.

Additionally, ASH Aebi Schmidt is presenting a cross section of its comprehensive sales programme for municipal services. The company’s attractive stand is presenting products of its brands Aebi, MFH and Schmidt as well as additional Mulag attachments.


Come visit us at our stand A 002 in hall 220 – we are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to provide you with expert advice!