Schmidt CSP - Customised de-icing solution for Belgian customer

Aebi Schmidt's product range has the ability to be customised to meet individual customer demands – as one major Belgian customer discovered thanks to 29 specially adapted Schmidt CSP ‘combi’ sprayers. The CSP range of compact sprayers is perfect for tackling snow and ice efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner using liquid de-icing agents and is particularly effective in inner-city areas, even at low speeds.

In this case, the CSP was specially modified for the Belgian customer at Aebi Schmidt’s Holten factory in the Netherlands. The modification involved mounting the CSP snow plough at the rear of the tractor vehicle, instead of the front as is usually the case, in combination with a rear-mounted brine tank. This not only saved a lot of space but it also met the need for high manoeuvrability on cycle paths, in pedestrian areas and on other built-up urban sites.

The effectiveness of the CSP, which combines highly effective snow clearing with very efficient de-icing, was not compromised by the modification, and a compact brine tank was sufficient as only low dosages were necessary for a perfect snow and ice-free result. Lower brine consumption leads to lower maintenance costs and delivers sustainable and environmentally-friendly de-icing into the bargain.

The CSP’s ability to provide perfect de-icing with liquid rather than solid de-icing agents offers a clearly superior alternative which is effective down to -6 degrees Celsius. Once applied, the very low dosage of liquid de-icer sticks firmly to the road surface and remains there, so that frequency of use can be significantly reduced. Brine also acts as a highly effective preventive measure, as snow and ice forms very slowly, or indeed not at all, on the treated surface.