Southampton City Council sees electrifying results from eSwingo 200⁺

Southampton City Council is seeing electrifying results from its fleet of four new all-electric eSwingo 200+ compact sweepers from Aebi Schmidt UK which are making a vital contribution to meeting the Council’s environmental objectives under its Greener City Charter.

The eSwingos, which have replaced existing diesel-powered models, are contributing to the council’s sustainable energy and carbon reduction objectives, which include a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030, that all corporate assets will have a net zero carbon footprint and 90% of the fleet will be zero-emission by 2030.

And, not only are the eSwingos turning in electric results that are extremely environmentally friendly, but they are doing it in a manner that is not disturbing Southampton’s residents.

Southampton City Services Supervisor, Mark Winter explained: “These zero emission vehicles not only offer cleaner air for pedestrians but also for the driver in the cab. They are smooth to drive and are much quieter than the diesel vehicles, which is great for residents when we’re making early starts or passing by in the street. The battery life of the vehicles is excellent, and the payload is increased by 500 kg. Service intervals are also further apart so we have less downtime. As well as this, we’ve found that the fan speed is less variable in the electric vehicles which improves suction, making street sweeping more effective.”

As part of its Greener City Charter, Southampton City Council is making a major investment in its entire fleet with many types of municipal vehicle moving to lower or zero emission technology as part of the wider green transport commitments.

Cabinet Member for Customer Service & Transformation, Councillor Rob Harwood, commented: “As a council we’re committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and want to make Southampton a leading city in the green economy. In partnership with residents, local businesses and organisations, we’ve set challenging goals in our Greener City Charter, inviting others to pledge their support. We are leading the way with our Fleet Modernisation Plan, and these eSwingos form part of an investment initiative to increase the numbers of zero and low emission vehicles we operate across Southampton.”

To keep the eSwingos on the road and fully charged, charge points have been installed at council depots, supplied by charging specialist JoJu Solar, which is a major supplier under the Central Southern Regional Framework agreement for EV charging infrastructure.

Head of City Services, Dave Tyrie, said: “We are proud to be one of the first local authorities in the country to be using these electric street cleaning vehicles. We’re leading by example and replacing older diesel compacts that are coming to the end of their working lives with these new electric vehicles that offer significant environmental benefits coupled with excellent cost savings in fuel.”

From left to right: Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Steve Galton; Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Growth, Councillor Jeremy Moulton; Operations Manager for Central, Simon Buston; Team Leader City Services, Jayne Goddard; Sweeper Operator, Jose Baptista; Working Supervisor, Mark Winter.

The zero emission eSwingo offers local authorities not only the quietest, cleanest possible emissions, but provides sustainable cutting-edge technology and an all-inclusive package covering service, maintenance and performance needs.

Aebi Schmidt Area Sales Manager, Matthew Elderkin, said: “It is great to see the results that Southampton City Council is achieving with our compact eSwingo sweepers with minimal impact on city residents. The eSwingo offers everything the diesel model does but in a completely sustainable and totally noiseless way, which is great for Southampton residents and the environment alike,” he said.